Apoyo. Mano

Objeto. Arma. Cuerpo a cuerpo.

Coste: 2. PX: 2.
Iconos de habilidad:

: Combatir. Recibes +2 para este ataque. Si realizas este ataque contra un Enemigo enfrentado a otro investigador, infliges +1 punto de daño en este ataque si tienes éxito y no infliges daño si fracasas.

Matthew Cowdery
Regreso a El legado de Dunwich #2.

While level 0 blackjack struggles to be seen better than a knife, I became a believer of this level 2 head bopper in our TCU campaign. Joe Diamond rushing in with a machete while Diana had his back with this was quite the dream.

Currently with the taboo list, this costs the same as the machete as well. But blackjack favors the different playstyle. I think this weapon delivers when wielded by secondary guardians who aren't going to be primarily engaging and have clue-gathering or other casting to do with their other actions.

Compared with other weapons at this level, the .45 automatic might seem to be a better bet. Not damaging allies and ammo limitations aren't nothing though. Additionally, for resource-hungry decks, the 2 cost blackjack allows for a better turn 1 setup, is playable in the later game when you find yourself naturally low on cash.

joshvarela · 11
I consider all guardians besides Carolyn as primary fighters and Carolyn can't take this... — Django · 3742
Great in Joe! — MrGoldbee · 1120

In Innsmouth engaging enemies is punishing - I've seen guardians get dangerously low just from that. This long ignored weapon might just be good there as a backup weapon to get those fish off your clue getters.

Erdjo · 275
Interesting! — MrGoldbee · 1120
Blackjack (2) has long been fantastic as a backup weapon for Fighters or a main weapon for Flex in 3&4 player games where enemies are just statistically more likely to be on a friend's face rather than your own. — Death by Chocolate · 946
Nailed it. Cannot say enough good things about Blackjack (2) in Innsmouth. — EmmeBGG · 7

Cannot say enough good things about Blackjack (2) in multiplayer Innsmouth, a campaign with tons of enemies in the Encounter deck:

  1. You skip all penalties for engaging with enemies - no taking damage, no taking horror, no losing cards, etc.

  2. If you care about your fellow investigators, you save an action from not having to engage with enemies

  3. You deal no damage to your fellow investigators when you miss

  4. Automatically gets its +1 damage benefit on massive enemies when there's another Investigator in the room (like another attacker or an evader)

  5. Limitless use (no charges or supplies)

  6. Only takes up one hand slot

  7. At just 2 dollars, it's really inexpensive

Want to give it a little extra oomph? Enchant Weapon for +1 damage each round.

The only downside is it doesn't leave you well equipped to handle the enemies that are engaged with you. But that's what guns, Machete, Timeworn Brand, Enchanted Blade, etc. are for, and good news, you still have a handslot for them.

10/10, would Blackjack again.

EmmeBGG · 7
whats the point of hitting over my allies if I can't bring them an inch from death by missing? — Zerogrim · 218