Coste: 0. PX: 1.
Iconos de habilidad:

Roba 1 carta. Añade cualquier cantidad de cartas que no sean Debilidad de tu mano a tu mazo y baraja este. A continuación, roba esa misma cantidad de cartas.

La ignorancia es una bendición que no te puedes permitir.
Brian Valenzuela
Harvey Walters #21.
Atisbar lo impensable

Glimpse is useful for putting your skills back in the deck for practice makes perfect, and drawing cards again for the dream serum. You can also put your research cards back in, if you threw them during upkeep instead of discovered them during search. If you play this as Harvey, whose deck this came in, it automatically draws you two cards, while letting you put things in your deck that you can’t afford and hopefully getting things that will help you now. Combine with calling in favors to replace your damaged Miskatonic friends. Or try and draw your weakness while someone has Delay the inevitable or dark insight ready.

Plus, even if you have the perfect hand, two book icons will always be useful as seeker.

MrGoldbee · 1297

An under valued card for off class seekers. Off class seekers tend to have fair to middling draw and this card helps mitigate against "dead draws", at least a bit. I would say in particular Roland and Darrel will find this card quite useful.

drjones87 · 92
yea, I think I should try this card out more, this could be very easily cycle 5 cards, if that doesn't fix a hand don't know what will. — Zerogrim · 260

The upgrade is better for investigators with low card draw, but you can't argue with a 4 XP savings for something that will work pretty well in most situations when you need a mid-game mulligan. Although the upgrade would be hilarious with Harvey Walters or any other Big Hand deck.

Great on 50 card Mandy; it’s a great way to get your Occult Evidences back into the deck — PanicMoon · 2
I really prefer this one for Harvey Walters over the upgraded version. The mandatory draw to max hand is not always what you want if you are running low on health, and risk drawing Thrice Damned Curiosity. Then there's the 1 resource cost, and "remove from the game" drawbacks, makes it almost a downgrade (IMO) than something worth spending 4XP to upgrade. They should have kept it at 0 cost and add "fast" instead to justify the large XP cost. — haakenlid · 1