Coste: 1. PX: 5.


Añade cualquier cantidad de cartas que no sean Debilidad de tu mano a tu mazo y baraja éste. Roba cartas hasta que llegues a tu tamaño de mano máximo. Retira Atisbar lo impensable de la partida.

Brian Valenzuela
Ante el trono negro #318.
Atisbar lo impensable


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Edit: Weirdmarine asked in another review how many cards Harvey Walters could draw. The answer is too big of a comment, so i updated my review.

First assume the following cards are in play

This brings him to a max handsize of 18 and only the first copy counts against your handsize. With those 7 cards in play your deck will be smaller. So you're likely drawing more cards than your deck and discard have so you'll take horror each time you shuffle your empty deck and go insane.

Even outside Harvey (without Vault of Knowledge) you end up with a max hand size of 14. So you still draw lots of cards that could make you go insane as well.

Updated review of this card

Seekers have a lot of card draw, but redoing your hand is very powerful, especially when your cards don't help or you ran out. on some encounter cards can result in that.



  • If you're looking for specific cards, use No Stone Unturned or Mr. "Rook" instead. The first can also be used to help other players
  • Cryptic Research costs 1 fewer XP, no ressources and no action; Can also target other players
Django · 4974
Are you thinking that you have to shuffle a card in to draw one? That doesn't seem right to me. The two effects are unrelated, there's no "then" or anything connecting them, so if you have 0 cards in hand after playing Glimpse the Unthinkable then you can draw up to your maximum hand size without having to give anything up. Or am I confused? — bee123 · 31
I agree with you, bee123. "Shuffle any number of non-weakness cards from your hand into your deck." That number can be zero. — Soemann · 1
@bee123 is correct, you can play this as the last card in your hand and you will then draw eight cards. Your maximum hand size is defined by the game rules (usually it's 8), not the number of cards you had in hand when you cast this. — SGPrometheus · 776
It's unfortunate that there are some factual errors with this review due to misunderstanding how it works, as I mostly agree that there are much better options for card draw — Ildirin · 2
Actually you're right, i misunderstood the card. I'll correct it in a few days. — Django · 4974
I have two things to say in response so I’ll solit them across two posts. First, the rules for running out of cards: “If an investigator with an empty investigator deck needs to draw a card, that investigator shuffles his or her discard pile back into his or her deck, then draws the card, and upon completion of the entire draw takes one horror.” Note the ‘then’ and also ‘upon completion.’ If you have no cards in the discard pile you cannot shuffle them into the deck, so once you reach that state the rest of the draws from the ability will whiff. Also, the entire draw effect of multiple cards is simultaneous so you will only take one horror for the entire Glimpse the Unthinkable. It’ll still cause you to suffer a horror every upkeep, so best not to hold all your cards forever. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
Second, Harvey only has one copy of Vault of Knowledge in his deck, so you can’t play two of them. However, if you take “You Owe Me One!” With Versatile instead of Sign Magik, you can play two copies of Sign Magik from your friend’s deck - plus a third Arcane Enlightenmentand Laboratory Assistant (with a second Chrisma). That will put you at a neat 19 card max hand size. Leo Anderson is the only other investigator in the game who can reach this. He doesn’t have Vault of Knowledge, but can make up for it by playing a fourth Laboratory Assistant thanks to Mitch. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
Sorry, that was small minded of me: instead of just playing our friends’ Sign Magicks, we play their Book of Shadows and EVEN MORE Arcane Enlightenment. The book adds an arcane slot for more enlightenment which adds another hand slot for tomes. Marie, Jim, and Luke bring what we need. With six Book of Shadows and two Sign Magicks, plus the four Laboratory Assistants, and EIGHT Arcane Enlightenments (plus the Dream Enhancing Serum and Vault of Knowledge), we’re up to a Maximum Hand Size of 24 before duplicates and still have another arcane slot and hands for two tomes to spare. I call this build Highest Education. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
In my previous comment I meant three laboratory assistants. The upcoming Miskatonic Archailogy Funding kicks this a little further because it means that one of our fellow investigators can bring another two Laboratory Assistants for us to take (for a total of 5, and officially pushes Harvey ahead of Leo who hilariously can’t get the funding for an expedition) and brings the Maximum Hand Size up to a whopping 28 - before duplicates. — Death by Chocolate · 1394

This card will be insane with the Harvey, I'm not sure how big his hand size finally be but the potential is there for this card to finally shine. Specially if there are more cards that trigger upon being drawn.

While this card can obviously do a lot potentially with Harvey's massive hand size potential, I feel like he of all Seekers gets the least out of it. His innate card draw means that his hand will probably be full or near full a lot of the time anyway. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Could make you go insane if your discard pile and deck run out... I updated my own review of this card to explain why. — Django · 4974
The fact that you have to draw cards until you max your hand seems like a really risky gamble in some situations compared to the 1XP version. The risk of drawing one or more weakness cards when you are running low on life and sanity really ruins this card for me with Harvey. — haakenlid · 1

I want to like this card, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

I think this card would be really good in just about any other faction, but seekers have so much access to both filtered and unfiltered card draw that I can never justify spending XP on this.

I know that theoretically this could give you up to 8 cards(10 with the Laboratory Assistant), but I can't say I commonly find myself in that situation and the various draw 3 cards(Preposterous Sketches, Cryptic Research) will probably end up being nearly as efficient.

The only caveat I can come up with is drawing Amnesia as a basic weakness or possibly Minh as she tends to be committing lots of cards, then I might more seriously consider this.

If we get more research cards that trigger during a search and can be placed back into your deck, like Mandy's Occult Evidence, this may be a card that finds a home in her deck, though the risk of just drawing them back into your hand may not be worth it.

If we get another seeker that eats through cards like crazy, this may find a home, but only the future will tell on that.

As a final note, I wish you set aside any number of non-weakness cards from your hand, drew up to your hand size, then shuffled the set aside cards into your deck. Then this card would get some serious consideration from me.

Ildirin · 2
How will this work with amnesia as your weakness and if you draw it before arriving to your hand limit? Will you continue drawing from 1 in hand to your limit again? — zarius · 1
Anytime you draw one or more cards, the card draw occurs simultaneously unless the effect uses the phrase “one at a time.” Then, once all of the cards have been drawn, you must resolve all Revelation abilities on those cards (in an order of your choosing). - FAQ, v.1.6, September 2019 — Emmental · 106