Ally. Bystander. Carnevale.

Coste: –.
Salud: 2. Cordura: 2.

: Parley. Test (2) to convince the reveler to follow you to safety. If you succeed, take control of Innocent Reveler.

Forced - When Innocent Reveler would be discarded: Place it underneath the agenda deck, out of play. Each investigator takes 1 horror.

Borja Pindado
Carnevale de horrores #21. Venecia #21-23.
Innocent Reveler


Coste: –.

Spend 1 clue: Flip Masked Carnevale-Goer. If its other side is an enemy, it attacks each investigator in its location.

Jarreau Wimberly
Carnevale de horrores #17. Venecia #-6.
Masked Carnevale-Goer
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can you use Calling in Favors on Helpless Passenger or Innocent Reveler? A: You can’t actually return them to your hand since you don’t "own" them. If you try to return them to your hand, they will instead go to their owner’s equivalent out-of-play area (see Ownership & Control: "If a card would enter an out-of-play area that does not belong to the card’s owner, the card is physically placed in its owner’s equivalent out-of-play area instead. The card is considered to have entered its controller’s out-of-play area, and only the physical placement of the card is adjusted.") However, in this case, the owner is the scenario itself, and the scenario has no hand. So it would instead simply be discarded (this would of course trigger the Forced effect on Innocent Revelers, so probably not the best move). But since it still is considered to have returned to your hand, you can still complete the remainder of the effect on Calling in Favors.
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