Joe Diamond - Return to Dunwhich 3P

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Cambeul · 1

Campaign just ended with 2 Physical Trauma and 1 Mental Trauma.

Final deck did not have Archaic Glyphs, but we are going to be doing on more side mission, and I thought I would try it out, just trying to figure out what to replace. It is mostly for the evasion version because if you ever run into a monster you cannot handle in one round, or if you only have one clue on a location, and the monster is not a Hunter, just get the clue, evade the monster, and move on to the next location.

One of the version used Time Worn Brand instead of Strange Solution, but for almost have the XP cost to upgrade, you basically get the same ability, and you only need 1 resource to equip, does not take up a hand slot, and can be "Reloaded" with Emergency Cache.

The Deck used to run pretty expensive when I had cards like .45 Automatic, Machete, Finger Print Kit, Time Worn Brand, Dynamite etc... And really relied on getting Dr. Milan to help fuel your income. If you don't see him in your opening hand, cards like Eureka!, Cryptic Research, and No Stone Unturned are used to find him.

Also the after Crack the Case was released it acts like a second copy of Emergency Cache, and Emergency Cache is now mostly used to reload as mentioned above.

The Hunch Deck I included the following:

  • Crack the Case
  • Cryptic Research
  • Delay the Inevitable
  • No Stone Unturned
  • Working a Hunch The Goal was to have a deck that was all Fast cards, and not reliant on certain circumstances so I can empty the deck as soon as possible. The only card that has a specific Trigger is Crack the Case that requires a final clue to be discovered, but it does not have to be Joe finding the clue, and Working a Hunch. The rest of the Hunches are great because if you do not need anymore cards, or do not need the protection, you can play on other Investigators in your party.