Dark Horse Lola by herself in Carcosa

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Dark Horse Lola Plays 'em All 116 96 29 1.0
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markkawika · 1

Copied from "Dark Horse Lola Plays 'em All".

Lola Hayes, the cast member of The King in Yellow, woke up after the Arkham production backstage, confused and injured. She is trying to figure out what's going on all by herself.

I started with the random Basic Weakness card Doomed and drew it in every scenario I played, so I'm starting Echoes of the Past with a new Weakness: Accursed Fate. This is not looking good.


Dec 17, 2018 Sagesse · 146

Lola and Alyssa Graham have always been the best of friends. Especially now that there's Doomed floating around.

Dec 17, 2018 markkawika · 1

Thanks for the pointer! I hadn't seen Alyssa Graham before.