Coste: 5.
Iconos de habilidad:

Elige tu Lugar o un Lugar conectado.

Inflige 3 puntos de daño a cada Enemigo e Investigador que esté en el Lugar elegido.

Dimitri Bielak
Caja básica. Edición revisada #24.
Explosión de dinamita
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Roland plays Dynamite Blast (attack of opportunity was resolved, he was still alive), and the card effect was resolved. Roland and Ghoul Priest are both defeated by taking damage equal to his or its health. What should I do in this situation? Can I choose the order in which damage is resolved? In a solo game, is the game resolution "If no resolution was reached" or "R1/R2", or other game resolutions? If it is in a multiplayer game, which is the resolution? A: If Dynamite Blast defeated both you and your enemy-objective in a solo game, we rule that you can decide which resolution you resolve, since you both accomplished the objective and were defeated. That said, because you were defeated, you still must suffer 1 physical trauma.
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