Coste: 4. PX: 2.


Elige tu Lugar o un Lugar conectado.

Inflige 3 puntos de daño a cada Enemigo e Investigador que esté en el Lugar elegido. Esta acción no provoca ataques de oportunidad.

Dimitri Bielak
Regreso a La noche de la fanática #2.
Explosión de dinamita


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Good old Dynamite Blast finally gets an upgrade. The changes from the original are:

Minus 1 to resource cost
Added icon
Doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity

Given the advent of Stick to the Plan it can be invaluable to get a decent selection of tactic cards. It could even be worth forgoing the 0 XP version entirely and then buying this only once it can start attached to that asset. Guardians are often strapped for resources and making a card cost fewer is often seen as XP-worthy, as evidenced by Leo De Luca.

Whether this card ends up being worthy of your time comes down to whether or not the ability to bypass opportunity attacks does anything for you. If nothing else it makes playing "Let me handle this!" and On the Hunt much more viable while already engaged with other enemies, whereas previously that would be a bad line of play because doing so turns off your Machete.


The_Wall · 281
Ignoring OA means you can use it on yourself, if 3 damage is no problem for you. True grit helps with that. — Django · 4963
It's also possible to blow up a connected location while engaged with an enemy. — Csys · 1
I agree that any consideration of Dynamite Blast should consider Stick to the Plan. It's a shame that you cannot commit cards from STTP though, which makes paying for the upgraded fist icon not useful in that regard. — duke_loves_biscuits · 1233
The main play I have had with STTP and DB is in Carcosa, as a reliable way to defeat the Man With the Pallid Mask. "spawn in an annoying place will ya? BOOM!". Sadly the upgrade here offers little for that gameplan, just a 1 resource reduction and the promise that you can use it locally more easily if you need to. I'd have liked this more at 1XP, not 2XP. — duke_loves_biscuits · 1233
Is there a reason Carolyn Fern can't take this card? It isn't listed as a weapon, but Arkhamdb won't allow it. — Monologued · 1
Not provoking AoOs also means you can properly sacrifice yourself now, in situations where the original Dynamite Blast would fail to resolve as the AoO defeated you. — Blackhaven · 3