Mientras tengas un total de 5 o más de salud y cordura restantes, Inquebrantable obtiene , o bien mientras te quede un total de 10 o más de salud y cordura restantes.

Hay una fina línea que separa la valentía de la necedad.
Dani Hartel
El círculo roto #22.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: How does this skill work in combination with the ally Yaotl (which has an ability that gives you skill boost based on the number of matching icons on the top card of your discard pile)? A: The abilities on skill cards are only active while they are being committed to a skill test, unless otherwise specified. In this case Steadfast will only have its printed icons while it is in your discard pile, hand, or any other state other than while it is being committed to a skill test. (This includes an effect that says something like "discard a card from your hand with at least X icons...")
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This skill is either good or terrible, depending on when you draw it. Tougher investigators who resist damage will like it better than the softer bunch, obviously it's the softer bunch that stands to gain the most by drawing Steadfast early.

  • 3 icons is a godsend to many characters, treacheries and all that, Diana Stanley's early magic, you get the drift.

  • 3 is something less interesting, the skill is often better saved for a treachery, but such a big attack boost can be the solution to a big problem.

If drawn early, the card can mount a defense for you against cards like Rotting Remains, which is great, but as time passes and your life goes down the defense weakens. You don't need to have taken too much hurt to be downed to just 2 icons per skill, in which case you're rocking a limited Unexpected Courage, further down the line it's just garbage.

In my honest opinion: If treacheries are your biggest worry as a , grab Guts and Take the Initiative, they are more consistent. If the icons excite you however, then by all means try Steadfast, even so, Unexpected Courage or Overpower might be more consistent.

Just to undercut my point though, choosing between Steadfast or Take the Initiative or Unexpected Courage is really just splitting hairs, if Steadfast floats your boat, then just enjoy!

Tsuruki23 · 2487
Even at 2 icons you’re never sad to see this card. The scaling for the early game I think makes it a better choice than Courage nine times out of ten. Also might be better than Take the Initiative for fighters, but if you’re running it mostly for protection then Take is probably better. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
To confirm, the "total" in the card is meant the combined total of your health and sanity? Because no investigator has 10 health or 10 sanity; 9 seems to be the cap. — LaRoix · 1634

Together with Able Bodied, this is one of the better Circle Undone skills. All current investigators will get the full bonus early in the game, which helps enable successful skill tests before the investigator’s major assets are in play. A combination of this and Take the Initiative would be solid protection against enemies and treachery cards.

jmmeye3 · 615
Funnily enough, playing this on early treacheries will likely make the second copy better, since you'll be healthier than if you'd saved it. — SGPrometheus · 776