Táctica. Truco.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Como coste adicional para jugar el Disparo de aviso, gasta 1 munición de un Apoyo Arma de fuego que controles.

Mueve todos los Enemigos que no sean Élite de tu Lugar a un Lugar conectado. Esta acción no provoca ataques de oportunidad.

Borja Pindado
Unión y desilusión #229.
Disparo de aviso

Besides having an effect that is actually pretty good on its own, this card makes Dynamite Blast much better. It can be used to perfectly position the enemies and keep the investigators out of the blast radius. In some situations it is better than Elusive as a dynamite-enabler, since it can avoid putting your teammates at risk, and because it can move enemies into a location that has other enemies, to group them together. And unlike Elusive, warning shot is in-faction so all who can use the dynamite can use it. The firearm ammo requirement is definitely a limiting factor, since many decks include few or no firearms. But now with .45 Thompson, there are a few options to choose from. It’s also worth noting that it cannot move elite enemies.

jmmeye3 · 222
I could see Mark liking it because he can run .32 colt better than anybody else. Is it too situational tho? — bigstupidgrin · 6
I think that it is likely one of those cards that I would like to consider as a 1 of situational moment in a deck with several ammunition to choose from amongst weapons. — Bronze · 104