Peril. Hidden.

Revelation - Secretly add this card to your hand.

You cannot play cards or trigger abilities on player cards with an odd printed resource cost.

Discard a player card with an even printed resource cost from your hand: Discard this card from your hand.

Billy Norrby
Los devoradores de sueños #87. Agentes de Nyarlathotep #2.
Law of 'Ygiroth (Chaos)

This set of cards are in the running for "Most Annoying Treacheries in the Game." Sure there are cards that will kill you faster (e.g. Rotting Remains), wreck your entire scenario if you have low , (e.g. Frozen in Fear), kill off your allies (e.g. Centuries of Secrets), but these damn Laws always cause me to exclaim "Not this bullshit again!" which my play partner immediately understands, then we both realize that I have violated the Hidden rules, and it's all bad.

More seriously, there are three possible scenarios for each:

  • You have a card that matches the requirements in hand, and you don't mind losing it, lose a card and an action
  • You have a card that matches the requirements in hand, and you do mind losing it, lose a valuable card and an action
  • You don't have a card that matches the requirements in hand, so you have to dig for one, lose a card and at least 2 actions

Meanwhile, you are constantly checking the unreasonable rules to remind yourself what you can't do, which just adds insult to injury. So, not the objectively worst thing the Encounter Deck can throw at you but a very unwelcome guest nevertheless.

I fully agree. The treacheries in TDE A are my least favorite in the game, and this set is one of the major reasons why. — StyxTBeuford · 12436
I should have added that, once you clear one, you have an approximately 65% chance of drawing another the next turn, rising to 95% if the deck has reshuffled. These may be the lightest cards in the Encounter Deck, floating to the top like stinging jellyfish. — LivefromBenefitSt · 626
Yeah, Laws of 'Ygiroth are annoying AF. — Zinjanthropus · 161
@LivefromBenefitSt Ancient Evils is lighter. My play group routinely sees all three copies after only two rounds. — SGPrometheus · 514