Gregory Gry
Tahúr en busca de un sueño

Apoyo. Ally

Aliado. Criminal. Soñador.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:
Health: 1. Sanity: 2.

Usos (9 recursos).

Cuando inicies una prueba de habilidad, gasta hasta 3 recursos de Gregory Gry: Si esta prueba tiene éxito por al menos tantos puntos como la cantidad de recursos gastada, obtén esa misma cantidad de recursos.

Mucho antes de que le repartieran su primera mano, el chico era capaz de aguantarle la mirada a un hombre y entender el significado de sus apuestas.
Hector Ortiz
Mil formas de horror #162.
Gregory Gry

He's as good as he seems, but forget not the risks involved.

faction characters have typically struggled for good ally options that dont lead to bankruptcy, Leo De Luca is nice but he's inconvenient in many decks, Lola Hayes is 3 XP and drains your resources pretty much immediately. The other in-factionn people are rather... disappointing.

Enter: Gregory Gry.

  • Sanity tank. Check.
  • Resource generator. Check.
  • Manageable price. Check.

Yeah this dude is definitely something you should try out. Just a little pointer though. Dont go crazy with the 3-resource gambles, do it piecemeal with 1 or 2 resources unless you have a pressing need to fund a big gun or something.

IS he better than Leo? Leo is probably better overall, but you can fit Greg into way more deck archetypes or event both characters together.

Tsuruki23 · 884
Greg + Lola are a good team. Tony approved! — StyxTBeuford · 747
I would use him with any status boost card and success "more than 2" cards — AquaDrehz · 112
He gets easier to trigger the bigger your investigator's main stat, making his ability more reliable. — Django · 2206