Frasco de atadura
Prisión interdimensional

Apoyo. Accesorio

Objeto. Reliquia.

Coste: 2. PX: 1.


Recibes +1 espacio arcano por cada Enemigo que haya bajo el Frasco de atadura.

: Después de que un Enemigo que no sea Élite sea derrotado en tu Lugar: Coloca ese Enemigo boca abajo bajo el Frasco de atadura. Límite de 2 Enemigos bajo él.

Cuando un Enemigo te ataque, descarta un Enemigo que esté bajo el Frasco de atadura que comparta un Rasgo con el Enemigo atacante. Cancela ese ataque.

Steve Hamilton
Las llaves escarlata Expansión de investigadores #89.
Frasco de atadura


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: I was following a conversation about Binder's Jar, and wondered how it interacts with enemies that are put in the display on defeat. Does the Victory Display 'protect' enemies from being put into the jar? A: No; the ability on Binder’s Jar wouldn’t prevent an enemy with Victory X from being placed beneath it. It’s also worth noting that, as a player card effect without the word Forced, you have the option whether or not you place a defeated enemy with Victory X under Binder’s Jar or not; you can choose to put the defeated enemy in the Victory Display instead. (Note, if you discard a Victory X enemy from beneath Binder’s Jar, you place that enemy in the discard pile and not the Victory Display.) (Rules Form Q&A, July 2023)
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IMO 'Arcane Slot builds' are still kind of a meme, though Dragon Pole and Explosive Ward are making them workable sub-themes, albeit in opposite directions.

That said, the biggest perk here is taking enemies out of play, especially in 4 Player games, where you burn through encounter cards at a fast clip. You'll run out of health or sanity, or bullets in your gun, and when faced with Alert or Retaliate keywords, the worst enemies become huge action sinks over time, outpacing many treacheries. Some treacheries exist specifically to throw them right back at you. The Jar lets you shove the most annoying of them in something like Diana's basement, but for monsters. It's the hardest "screw right off" to the horrors since Bury Them Deep. Eat lonely Deep Ones, spammy Snakes, and dancers in the void. The biggest downside is having to be present for the monster's original death.

Teag · 49

This card seems really good, the only drawback is that it takes the coveted mystic accessory slot.

First up: It's dead cheap. Cost 2 is very reasonable for the resource starved class and for the effects it's a bargain. 2xp for 2 copies helps as well, even if it's Unique. Since it's level 1 you can even take it in off-class Mystics, which might be very interesting in something like a Guardian who isn't using the accessory slot as much and will have no problem defeating enemies.

The first effect is why you are buying this card, getting rid of Acolytes, Wizards of the Order and the like out of the discard pile for the scenario and getting yourself more Arcane slots for the privilege is great. Is it worth using over Holy Rosary or St. Hubert's Key? Hard to say, I'm keen to play around with this one though.

fiatluxia · 64

If you need more arcane slots in a resource hungry build, the economy of this card is game changing. For just 1 resource and half an XP per slot, you can necro 2 extra arcane slots out of whatever monsters you can stuff into this interdimensional jar. It's as if those "pickle me" Elmos they sell at the flea market filled you with eldritch power, and occasionally let you stop an attack in its tracks as a failsafe.

I don't know exactly what you need all those cheap arcane spaces for, but I bet you know a mystic who wants them!

For comparison, here are your other options for getting another arcane slot:

  • Sign Magick Costs 3 resources. New slot is limited to holding Spells and Rituals. FAST.
  • Familiar Spirit Ally. Only costs 1, but takes up the ally slot and offers minimal other benefits. New slot is limited to holding Spells.
  • Dragon Pole. Weapon. Costs 3, and takes up both hands slots.
  • Book of Shadows Costs 3xp and 4 resources. Takes a hand slot. Adds a charge to spells.
  • THE HIEROPHANT · V Costs 3 resources and 3xp per slot. Also lets you share slots between accessories and arcane. Takes the tarot slot.
I'm pretty sure you mean, The Hierophant • V Your True Master Awaits, Mystic 3 xp card. — tinynanami · 19
But for some reason it links to THE HIEROPHANT · V, Agenda 1a Mythos card — tinynanami · 19

Another item designed for Lily that she can't take. I'm going to say that Lily's deckbuilding parameters are a complete mistake and make her unfun to build. She's the only investigator we've just house ruled to be Guardian 0-5, Mystic 0-2. She's just a waste of potential otherwise.

nen · 2
How is this designed for Lily? It's designed for the archetype of having lots of arcane slots, the bulk of which are levelled cards anyway. Lily likes Dragon Pole but with 4/5 combat she really doesn't need to fill more than the 2 or 3 slots it gives her. How about you try doing the stuff you think Lily is designed for in Mary? — SSW · 206
Attack cancel sounds like a Diana thing to me, no? — LaRoix · 1634
I don‘t understand how this is a card „designed for lily“? Of all the EotE Investigators Lily can be the happiest one, since the card actually designed for her (dragon pole) gets a 3xp upgrade that is double-classed. Daniela didn’t get the same treatment for guard dog… — niklas1meyer · 1
Plenty of Mystics are capable fighters. — snacc · 969
What do you see as the use for extra arcane slots in Lily? — Pseudo Nymh · 41