Improvisado. Mejora.

Coste: 2.


Sólo para el mazo de Wilson Richards.

Vincula Ad hoc a un apoyo Herramienta o Arma que controles.

Después de resolver una capacidad del Apoyo vinculado, agota Ad Hoc y descarta un Apoyo Herramienta o Arma de tu mano: Resuelve una capacidad del Apoyo descartado, ignorando todos los costes.

"Menudo trabajito."
Adam S. Doyle
La fiesta del Valle de la Cicuta Expansión de investigadores #2.
Ad Hoc


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can Ad Hoc trigger the effect of the three action cost ability on Sledgehammer (4) for free? A: Yes; when discarding Sledgehammer (4) with Ad Hoc, you can resolve the second ability on Sledgehammer without spending actions. (Rules Form, January 2024)

  • Q: What is the intended interaction is between Ad Hoc and both Pitchfork and Hatchet? Are you supposed to discard the Pitchfork for Ad Hoc, and then attach it to the location from the discard pile? If the Ad Hoc attack doesn't defeat the enemy, should Hatchet attach to the enemy? A: Yes; if you use Ad Hoc to discard Pitchfork or Hatchet, it’s possible for Pitchfork or Hatchet to end up attached to a card in play. Ad Hoc is intended to have you resolve an action triggered ability on the discarded card after it’s already in the discard pile, and it being in the discard pile does not prevent its ability from being resolved as written, attaching it to a card in play. (April 2024)

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I read this ability wrong originally. You can only use the ability on the discarded asset. This means you can stock a sledgehammer to toss for a free use of the double arrow attack (as clarified in the FAQ), but you cannot put it on a hammer to get a free use of the double attack after you whack them with the base hit.

This is a bit strange and basically means ad hoc allows you to use tools with big activation costs from your hand for free, after using an attached weapon.

drjones87 · 173
Not exactly for "free". You need: — bugiel_marek · 17
You need: 1. To have a card of specific trait in hand. 2. Discard that card. — bugiel_marek · 17
@bugiel_marek: you discard the card as a part of the Ad Hoc's ability, so your 2nd point is not valid. And the first is a matter of proper deckbuilding. — Almevirian · 1

The two interactions that got me curious with this one are:

  • Pitchfork/Hatchet (1): If you use Ad-Hoc to discard one of those, and the attack hits, does it get discarded (because of Ad-Hoc) or does it get attached to your location/enemy because of the successful attack?
  • Fire Extinguisher: Do you get to use the Fire Extinguishers second ability without the need to Exile it? From my understanding the Exile text is a part of the text that gets ignored.
Longeloe · 2
I really want to say that for your firsts point, both tools would end up attached to the location/enemy. Its a sneaky way to get those weapons in play without paying their cost and doesn't seem overpowered by my estimation. — coreyjson · 1
To continue on the discussion, this may or may not be a good thing. If you plan is to use Ad Hoc, Pushed to the Limit and Ad Hoc again on the same card, it doesn't work with Pitchfork since it will stubbornly attach to the location every time... — Valentin1331 · 60985
I was wondering the same - — dlouismartin · 1
Sorry - cut my reply off before I was done - ST.7 Apply skill test results. The card ability or game rule that initiated a skill test usually indicates the consequences of success and/or failure for that test. (Additionally, some other card abilities may contribute additional consequences, or modify existing consequences, at this time.) Resolve the appropriate consequences (based on the success or failure established during step ST.6) at this time. If there are multiple results to be applied during this step, the investigator performing the test applies those results in the order of his or her choice. This would indicate that success happens before you resolve. So with the Pitchfork, you succeed, then attach it to asset, so you can't really discard it with ad hoc as it's not in your possession. — dlouismartin · 1
Sorry it's overly long - lol - looks like you succeed of fail before you resolve. Seems like Ad Hoc/Pitchfork combo is legit. — dlouismartin · 1
Same for fire extinguisher - Exile is part of the ignored 'cost' ... — dlouismartin · 1