Olive McBride
Ha probado todo alguna vez

Apoyo. Aliado

Aliado. Bruja.

Coste: 2. PX: 2.

Salud: 1. Cordura: 3.

Cuando fueses a revelar una ficha de Caos, agota a Olive McBride: Revela 4 fichas de Caos en lugar de 1. Elige 2 de esas fichas para resolverlas e ignora el resto.

Debes poner algo de ti en cada hechizo. A veces, de forma literal.
Aurore Folny
La fiesta del Valle de la Cicuta Expansión de investigadores #97.
Olive McBride


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This card would be a really good token enabler that ppl would want to have in their decks, if it weren't for the recent ruling on Rod of Carnamagos that turned that card into the best token enabler ever, for 0 XP, no action and no risk of having to resolve the tokens and fail a test. Such a great ruling...

I had both in my Kōhaku deck, and there is really no "either/ or". Take both, they combo well together. Besides: the Rot Rod is really strong, but requires a non-elite enemy on the board. Olive can be used as well, when the Rod is offline. — Susumu · 351
I guess you missed the point of my "review". I'm not saying ppl should not get Olive, I'm saying the current ruling on Rod is broken and the card have no place being a much better token enabler than a 2XP card designed with that specific intent. — DakonBlackblade · 4
I made a couple reviews (on the level 2 Rod and "Living Ink") regarding this interaction, too. I agree, it is a strong enabler, probably busted. But I also kind of think, without the Rod, the archtype would still be weak. I had imense fun on my HV blind run with a Kōhaku deck, abusing this, but of course, it's something to do once and move on, otherwise it gets boring. Also, the level 0 version is much weaker than the level 2 on it's own (though sufficient as a nested token pull manipulator), but also can be put only once into your deck, which makes it less consistent. Olive can be used on other cards as well, like "Voice of Ra", and the double "Ritual Candles" to make Curses 0 and Blesses +4 (and the "Occult Reliquary" to hold them both aside a Rod) are imho equally busted in this build. — Susumu · 351
What this package, I mean Rod, Olive AND Candles, not one without the others, does, is making binder fodder cards like the Innsmouth Spell assets or maybe even "Song of the Dead" strong cards. — Susumu · 351