Coste: 2. PX: 1.
Iconos de habilidad:

Rápido. Juega esta carta sólo durante tu turno.

Prepara un Apoyo que controles. Puedes realizar una acción adicional durante tu turno, pero solo para combatir.

Tony Foti
Nathaniel Cho #21.
Impulso a actuar

This card is one that just keeps on giving!

The initial "Ready asset" text might not seem immediately useful, and really, this is something you will more often than not just ignore.

The bonus Fight action, this is gold. It's very common that you're stuck staring at an enemy 1 location away because you're unable to tackle it in 1 turn with your loadout, the bonus action via Galvanize can fix this issue. Additionally, there is also the not unusual case of missed attacks! Redoing a missed attack when you would otherwise be out of actions, will, save, lives.

This card is a hugely costly card for a deck, but even if you dont have the funds or incentive to use this to fight, you can commit it for 2 icons like a Guts, this also allows you to play this card in the usual Guts cardslot, which can really smooth things out in terms of deckspace (I.E, dont think of Galvanize as a new event, think of it of a Guts upgrade that also has an expensive but useful clutch action.

Oh, and when you start building up XP, you can go back to that asset-ready mechanic and giggle with glee Think: Beat Cop or Agency Backup ;)

Here is a list of things you might unexhaust for fun and profit:

Agency Backup. Alice Luxley. Beat Cop. Blessed Blade. Boxing Gloves (when youre being swamped). Kerosene. Stick to the Plan. Telescopic Sight (double tap!). Well Prepared.

Tsuruki23 · 1745
For level 0 assets, it can ready Grete. Kinda hard to use, but still neat. — SGPrometheus · 278
Or Alice if you picked up several clues, which can happen trough agency, roland, evidence, scene of the crime or grete — Django · 3165
Friendly reminder that this can ready stick to the plan. — ironbrw · 9