Cost: 3. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Usos (3 suministros). Si el Queroseno no tiene suministros, descártalo.

Si un Enemigo fue derrotado en este Lugar en esta ronda, agota el Queroseno y gasta 1 suministro: Cura hasta 2 puntos de horror entre investigadores y Apoyos Aliado que estén en tu Lugar.

Stanislav Dikolenko
Eones destrozados #304.

This costs 3 resources, a card and 4 actions to heal up to 6 (compared with 1 less resource to heal 3 with First Aid). It has 2 limitations, however: it can only be used once per turn, and only after an enemy was defeated. The top contender for this is William Yorick, especially with Aquinnah since each horror healed is worth an extra damage reversal. Insanity prone ’s like Roland Banks may also be interested.

jmmeye3 · 354
I like the idea of this card, but like most healing it's rather ineffective. Most Investigators are better of with soak. For example roland can play all those cheap seeker allies, like Laboratory Assistant or Art Student. — Django · 2788
I wouldn't argue it is ineffective. I would instead argue that it lacks a good archetype outside of Carolyn... It only really justifies a spot in her imho. The healing can become two sanity and a resource or two and the trigger happens regularly in multiplayer. It is a bad solo and two player card. — Myriad · 713

Budget First Aid.

At 3 resources and 1 Xp, you're effectively trading 1 resource and conditional triggering for a 2xp discount and monotyped flexible horror healing, which is far more useful then a damage/horror healing blend that can only hit one thing at a time.

Being limited to trigger right after someone gets a kill is tricky, it's pretty much unusable solo because of all the turns where you wont be left with a free action after a kill. Admittedly though, if you can kill something with action 1, and trigger it twice with actions 2 and 3, it'll completely turn around a bad horror situation. In duo it's a little easier, but requires you have a friend that somewhat routinely kills things, this card comes online in 3-4 player where at least one other person is usually also killing stuff and you can move in and capitalize.


Carolyn Fern doesn't dislike this card, although it faces stiff opposition for slots with Clarity of Mind and First Aid. For everyone else I say pass this by unless you have friends around or have severe horror trauma, in which case spending 1 XP for Thermos is probably every bit as good or better.

Tsuruki23 · 1171
Yeah, I think this is pretty bad. Expensive, slow, and unreliable. Cool theme, though. — CaiusDrewart · 1846
Also it exhausts, so no ‘action 2&3’ unless you run double. — Death by Chocolate · 365