Apoyo. Arcane


Cost: 2. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Usos (4 cargas).

Gasta 1 carga: Cura 2 puntos de horror de entre investigadores que estén en tu Lugar.

Llévame de lo irreal a lo real
Llévame de la oscuridad a la luz
Llévame de la muerte a lo inmortal
Aaron B. Miller
Regreso a El legado de Dunwich #8.
Claridad mental

This looks like high value upgrade for Agnes. It heals 8 for 2 resources, a card and 5 actions (1 click/horror) which is more efficient and more powerful than all of the other available options (except possibly the upgraded Peter Sylvester but this does not allow her to activate her power). It will probably be my first upgrade for Agnes the next time I play with her.

jmmeye3 · 277