Apoyo. Arcane


Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Usos (3 cargas).

Gasta 1 carga: Cura 1 punto de horror de un investigador que esté en tu Lugar.

Llévame de lo irreal a lo real
Llévame de la oscuridad a la luz
Llévame de la muerte a lo inmortal
Aaron B. Miller
El legado de Dunwich #30.
Claridad mental

I've used this card (mostly with Agnes) but I'm not sure about it.

At its best, this card is 2 resources + 4 actions (counting the one to play the card) to heal 3 horrors:

  • Even with Akachi Onyele, it's still 2 resources + 5 actions (counting the one to play the card) to heal 4 horrors
  • With Marie Lambeau who provides Action advantage for Spells, it's still 2 resources at best because you don't always have the ability to trigger the extra Spell action.

What's more, until now, investigators have other ways to repeatably heal themselves without reducing their action count:

banania · 131
I think this is actually a really bad card. Compared to First Aid, it's the same cost, same number of charges, heals horror, but takes up an arcane slot and can't heal damage. Other than 'you can't take First Aid since you can't take guardian cards,' I'm struggling to justify this card over First Aid. To make matters worse, I consider First Aid to be a really bad card anyway, and this is worse than that. — dr00 · 4