Traición. Debilidad Básica


Revelación - Pon Nihilismo en juego en tu zona de amenaza.

Obligado - Después de que reveles, canceles o ignores una ficha : Recibe 1 punto de daño y 1 punto de horror.

: Descarta Nihilismo.

Sara Biddle
Jacqueline Fine #4.

Note that unlike many abilities that are resolve when you reveal certain tokens during skill tests, Nihilism's Forced ability, as far as I understand it, occurs even if you reveal, cancel, or ignore tokens outside of skill tests.

This means that Nihilism's Forced ability would also occur when you reveal, cancel, or ignore 's during play of cards like Hypnotic Gaze, Voice of Ra, and also during certain location/agenda/treachery effects that don't involve tests (example: Clover Club Cardroom).

iceysnowman · 156
Spot on my friend. — LaRoix · 1572
It should also be noted that Nihilism has another line of text not shown here: "[action][action]: Discard Nihilism." So while it's still annoying, it is possible to get rid of it. — SGPrometheus · 634
Although, losing 2/3 of a turn can be brutal, especially playing Solo. At least you can control it to some degree. — LivefromBenefitSt · 882