Apoyo. Hand

Item. Tool.

Cost: 1.
Test Icons:

Uses (2 keys). If there are no keys on Old Keyring, discard it.

: Investigate. Your location gets -2 shroud for this investigation. If you succeed, remove 1 key from Old Keyring.

Robert Laskey
Stella Clark #7.
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A reprinted Flashlight? What gives FFG? Well.... Not quite!

Old Keyring actually differentiates itself dramatically from Flashlight with several key details that completely turn this classic mechanic on its head.

  • First off, an Old Keyring only spends charges on successful tests. A Flashlight is best used to automatically beat low difficulty locations, a great way for low- characters to get clues in any difficulty, especially with low player counts. However the risk of failure when you turn a Flashlight at a high-shroud location is great and often not worth it, an all-too familiar issue for a 3- character trying to tackle a 4-shroud location.

  • Old Keyring shares the Flashlight's ability to beat a low shroud location, but the fact that charges are only spent on successes means that you can MUCH more fearlessly blast a 3-5 shroud location with repeated investigate checks until you eventually hit all the clues, Old Keyring basicly reads "+2 until you've discovered 2 clues", a rather terrific ability.

  • Finally, this card self-discards right after success. Self discarding means that cards like Resourceful can recover the Old Keyring, more importantly, Old Keyring + Scavenging are a natural combo! It's actually ridiculous if you consider the upgraded Scavenging, investigate a location, finish the Key, immediately replay it! This is now one of the go-to combos for clue strategies.

Tsuruki23 · 1070
Basically anyone who takes an early flashlight but has access to survivor cards should take this instead. — SGPrometheus · 224
Scavenging triggers in ST 6 of the skill test, while Old Keyring wod discard one St 7, so you can’t actually use them on the same skill test. — iceysnowman · 129

I need to wait so long until Stella Clark released. So I afraid someone would discovered this synergy first.

First you need to be Preston Fairmont or Jenny Barnes

Infinity and cheaper efficient Flashlight !


AquaDrehz · 143
There's a step missing here. Why does the test always fail? If it is high enough to make Jenny consistently fail (5-6 shroud) then this isn't particularly great and you'd be better off with an Intel report. — DAAAN · 1