Charles Ross, Arms Dealer (Sniper Roland archetype, lvl0 )

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Difrakt · 625

level 0 Roland focused on building into an effective Sniper archetype at 14xp (2x BAR -> 2x Telescopic sight). Built to pair with an evasion/clue focused Marie Lambeau.

Events are designed to work well with the unique requirements of Telescopic Sight, in particular with high ammo counts to make use of Warning Shot and eventually "Eat lead!" (in event of targeting an enemy still engaged with Marie).

Auxiliary clue function using Fingerprint kit (doubles as weakness management). Wild skill icons or extra events can be used to pick up extraneous clues using Roland's high intellect on off-turns.

Build runs expensive, which leads us to Ally choice. Charles Ross, Arms Dealer can function to discount all 9 non-ally assets as well as future weapons and Telescopic Sight upgrade. As a bonus Ross is cheaper than competitors for this slot Alice Luxley and Dr. Milan Christopher, both of whom would have abilities difficult to trigger given the nature of this deck as primary fighter auxilary clue gatherer. I do not believe Beat Cop would be useful either, given that all intended weapons carry a bonus of +2 fight if necessary. Due to fact that this deck's most expensive cards are all Item traited I suspect this will actually function to bring Roland's economy up to something reliable.

Specific input appreciated.


Jun 19, 2019 Sassenach · 53

Any deck that finds a valid use for Charles Ross has to get a thumbs up :)

That said, the lack of draw here makes me wonder whether it's going to be viable. You only have one copy of Bandolier and if you don't see it then playing your Telescopic Sight becomes impossible. It seems to me that any sniper build is going to need 2 copies of Bandolier to be workable, and ideally a few more ways to search for the specific cards.

Jun 20, 2019 SocialPsientist · 54

@Sassenach: I would agree that any deck with a valid use of Charles Ross, Esq. should get a thumbs up. However, I'm not convinced this deck is an example of a valid use. ;-)

@Difrakt: This is an interesting idea, however I'm unsure that this is the best approach.

Let's discuss Charles Ross, Esq.. How many items are you going to play during the game?

  • One two-handed weapon
  • One Telescopic Sight eventually
  • One Bandolier
  • One or maybe two one-handed weapons
  • Maybe something else...?

That's using your ally slot and 2 resources for a gain of ~5 resources, which is an overall net of +3 resources, which is about the value of Emergency Cache or Crack the Case. I'm not sure this is the best use of the ally slot.

I'm a bit confused as to whether you want enemies in your location or next to your location. Telescopic Sight says you want them next to your location, however On the Hunt and Handcuffs say you want them on your location. Certainly you're going to have times when you have enemies on your location whether you want them there or not, yet if you're building to be a sniper then it seems you might want to be more focused on that.

I'm unsure that Fingerprint Kit is going to give you good mileage, especially if your hands are already filled with a two-handed weapon + a one-handed weapon. Fingerprint Kit costs you 4 resources + one hand + one action to play + three actions to use for +1 and potentially +3 clues. That's a pretty expensive markup and requires hand juggling. I think you'd probably be better off with swapping out the fingerprint kits for either:

  • 2x Working a Hunch: the same 4 resources for +2 clues guaranteed without any skill checks or actions required.
  • 2x Deduction: gives you the +1 and extra clue without costing resources, hands, or actions to play them (beyond the investigate action).
  • 2x Evidence!: Roland being even more Roland-y.
  • 2x Scene of the Crime: If you're running On the Hunt then this should be relatively easy to trigger, and for the same 4 resources it gives you +4 clues guaranteed.

If I were to rejigger your deck a bit, I would recommend:

  • -2x Fingerprint Kit

  • -2x Charles Ross, Esq.

  • -1x Handcuffs

  • -1x Prepared for the Worst

  • +2x Mr. "Rook" unless Marie Lambeau is using him.
    This lets you find what you need as quickly as possible. If you need cash you can find your economy cards, if you need a weapon you can grab one, etc. Also, I personally like to find Cover Up as quickly as possible rather than risking finding it late in the game, which this helps with.

  • +1x Bandolier like @Sassenach said, as you really want to find one fast given your overall design.

  • +3x mix of the aforementioned clue cards above and/or Eureka!, which will help either you or Marie Lambeau find your missing combo pieces quickly.

Jun 20, 2019 Difrakt · 625

I see people often design around cards as combo pieces that all need to be in play in order to function, this deck is designed to avoid this as it’s extremely slow and cumbersome.

I skipped took intentionally because the deck isn’t designed to fish for Telescopic sight. Such a deck would have extreme resource issues as BAR -> Rook -> Telescopic sight is 11 resources already, and without a backup plan for engaged enemies.

Similar logic explains why I didn’t go for 2 Bandolier immediately. It’s not strictly needed until telescopic sight is in play, and as such a second copy can be delayed until it has a function to serve.

CRE will almost certainly have his discount used in full, as the bonus can be stacked over time to discount large purchases such as TS, finger print kit or the eventually necessary big gun refresh.

Jun 20, 2019 Sassenach · 53

I'd argue that a 2nd Bandolier has a function right away. 40% of the weapons in this deck take up 2 hand slots, so there's a pretty decent chance that you'll want it in play, and it has a fight pip so it's never a dead card in your hand. I'd sooner have it in the starter deck than have to spend an XP on it later.