[4P, Expert, Parallel] Bless My Heart and Hope You Die

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SoulGambit · 129

First time playing around with Parallel Zoey. She can generate up to 4 Bless per Round (although 1-3 is more likely).

  1. Mythos Phase using Zoey's Cross
  2. Investigator Phase using an Attack.
  3. Monster Phase ising Survival Knife.
  4. Upkeep Phase using Beat Cop or Nephyths.

She can spend those Bless Tokens for more damage. That gives them to Nephyths, who can use them again.

Beyond that, she is a fairly standard fighter. Dig for weapons, use weapons. Supplement attacks woth testless damage from Beat Cop and Nephyths.

The side deck shows where the deck should be in 3 to 4 scenarios. Survival Knife and Nephyths are priority upgrades.