Spellcaster Agnes Baker a Self-Flagellant Sadist

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lty138 · 44

The charmer Agnes Baker is a self-flagellating sadist who punishes enemies, searches for clue and receives forgiveness.


Jul 09, 2024 cilk25519 · 1

4 copies of Spectral Razor are not legal.

Jul 09, 2024 lty138 · 44

“Agnes’s deck is also only 25 cards, because she now has the option to keep the base version of a Spell in her deck when she upgrades one of these cards!”

Jul 09, 2024 NightgauntTaxiService · 362

Doesn't that mean that Arcane Research doesn't reduce the cost of the level 2 Spells, @lty138? Also, is Sin-Eater really worth it for Arcane Initiate alone?

Jul 09, 2024 lty138 · 44

"reduce the experience cost of the first Spell card you Upgrade..." "When you Upgrade a Spell card ..." @NightgauntTaxiService

Jul 09, 2024 lty138 · 44

Arcane Initiate 3 exp x2 or Sin-Eater 6 exp? @NightgauntTaxiService

Jul 09, 2024 NightgauntTaxiService · 362

Is there any particular reason you need to get rid of the doom on Arcane Initiate through means other than playing them during the witching hour? Heirloom of Hyperborea should provide you with enough card draw to see your spells.

Jul 09, 2024 RustKlevera · 1

Can you explain how you use The Key of Solomon efficiently with only Absolution providing blessed tokens? Even reshuffling it into the deck I believe the chaos bag will be lacking blessed tokens most of the time...

Jul 09, 2024 lty138 · 44

@RustKlevera Oliv + Resurs and Drain Essence heal

Jul 10, 2024 RustKlevera · 1

@lty138 And from experience would you say that you will see Absolution again before the tokens run out? Because i would rather spend 8 exp in something different if i can't constantly use The Key of Solomon

Still, I understand that using Olive and ton of resources can grant Absolution to get you 10 , but what role has Drain essence in Token management?