Ursula Charts the Course

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Growlithe · 10

I love Ursula Downs. Her deck building options and gameplay are very fun and exciting. She may not be the strongest clue gatherer in the game, but she is the most fun and flexible.


  1. Action compression when moving
  2. Great statline for clueing and evading
  3. Great cardpool


  1. Horrible signature weakness
  2. Only 4 book for main clue gatherer
  3. Fragile, cannot take hits

Ursula Downs is an investigator that relies heavily on action management and positioning. You need to stay one location away from your goon. You can get further from them, but this makes it hard for the other players to keep up with your movement.

For this deck, we will be substituting Pathfinder for Eon Chart. There is 2 reasons why we are opting for Eon chart instead.

  1. Pathfinder doesn't help you move when you are engaged with an enemy. With Prophesiae Profana, we want to deliver enemies to our goon while grabbing clues along the way.
  2. Pathfinder costs more XP and more resources.

MULLIGAN The cards that we are looking for early are Dr. Milan Christopher, Fieldwork, and Magnifying Glass. These cards will make the early game easier and let you take tests each round to grab clues to start the game.

Throughout the game, your turn should look similar to:

  1. Play a card
  2. Move + Investigate
  3. Investigate

On turns with enemies, your turn will looks something like this:

  1. Evade
  2. Move + Investigate
  3. Play a card/Investigate

Upgrade path for Prophesiae Ursula

First Upgrade: (7xp) We will be grabbing our permanents, great value for Dr. Milan and utilizing the resources. This increases the consistency of the deck and gives us encounter mitigation.

  1. Miskatonic Archaeology Funding
  2. Higher Education

Second Upgrade: (5xp) For the second upgrade, we will be grabbing our bread and butter. With Jake Williams, we can dodge 2 opportunity attacks each turn and also bring enemies to our goons. This card also gives us our book and feet that we need.

  1. Prophesiae Profana replaces Magnifying Glass

Third Upgrade: (8xp) This is our powerhouse card. With a permanent higher education, this card can consistently one turn all clues in a location. By this time, we should have already researched this card.

  1. 2x Archaic Glyphs upgrade

Fourth Upgrade: (2xp) The last thing we will pick up is a card to counter our signature weakness. The deck starts with testing sprint which takes 2 actions. We will be replacing that with the easiest way to deal with Call of the Unknown.

  1. In the Know replaces Testing Sprint

Total XP cost: 20