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Apoyo. Arcano


Coste: 2. PX: 3.
Iconos de habilidad:

Sólo puedes incluir este Apoyo en tu mazo si lo mejoras a partir de los Signos arcaicos (sin traducir), y sólo si en el registro de campaña aparece "los investigadores han traducido los signos.".

Usos (3 cargas).

Gasta 1 carga: Investigar. Por cada 2 puntos que tengas por encima del valor mínimo de éxito, descubre 1 pista adicional en tu Lugar.

Anna Christenson
El fantasma de la verdad #192.
Signos arcaicos

An enormously strong card that encourages Seekers to build around it in multiplayer games. By itself, it will probably only net you one, maybe two extra clues at best, and that is assuming the chaos bag doesn't entirely hose you.

Enter Higher Education.

Every resources invested in Higher Education while using Guiding Stones essentially picks you up an extra clue (assuming you don't auto-fail) which is immensely strong in multiplayer. Rex especially, who has access to Burglary, can generate up to 4 resources and 1 clue with a single action (Burglary + Dr. Milan Christopher) and then follow it up by picking up 4 to 8 clues with Guiding Stones depending on shroud and chaos token drawn. Other Seekers can't generate resources quite as quickly as Rex can, but anyone with access to Dr. Milan should be able to have powerful turns with Guiding Stones.

Minh Thi Phan is runner up for using Guiding Stones well, as she gains +4 Intellect from Inquiring Mind and potentially +5 from Desperate Search. Playing at 3 or less Sanity is pretty dangerous, but a little more manageable for Seekers now that they have access to Logical Reasoning. And a Minh deck filled with skill cards will probably have more free resources to spend on Higher Education than a Daisy deck will.

Just don't bother playing it in solo games, as locations simply won't have enough clues at them to take advantage of the power of Guiding Stones.

menionleah · 72
One interesting interaction is that Book of Shadows (1) can be run put of Daisy alongside this card, allowing unlimited use of this effect. Could be a potent combination, if a bit janky. — Low_Chance · 6
You don't even really need Higher Ed. With Field Work and Inquiring Mind, you've got a pretty good chance of getting 3, maybe even 4 on some locations (Suppose it's a 3 shroud and you're already at 4-5 or so). When you enter Key of Ys / Double Mag / Death territory you can make some pretty powerful plays. Inquiring Mind combos well with this. — Zinjanthropus · 208
There is another reason, why this card is particular great for Minh: it makes her "King in Yellow" rather a non-issue. Just try to get rid of it, while doing a Glyph-enhanced investigation. You naturally want to overcommit for both tasks. — Susumu · 217

I think The Skeleton Key should definately part of the conversation. I played a duo game with Daisy Walker and Preston Fairmont. Preston moved the key around & Diasy and stripped the clues from every location with Deduction, this card, and Perception.

Calprinicus · 3784
This card is just silly, it should be banned. I once took 38 clues with it in a single test: rex murphy, higher education + 16 ressources, double or nothing from other person (milan + burglary to gather 4 ressources +1 clue) — Django · 4207
@Django This sounds gamebreaking but how on earth did you find a location with so many clues on it?? — matt88 · 2555
I'm assuming it was 38 theoretical clues? — Talex · 1
This guy's a lying dick. Don't listen to him. — PatrickCS88 · 1
Got those locations with "2 clues per investigator", in your... 19 investigator games..? xD — victor.keirion · 1
4P Blood on the Altar could get to 38 clues because of the final act, if on hard, with a large number of clues added from the scenario card. It's not likely in a single run but not unreasonable to have happened considering that a huge number of people play this game. It certainly doesn't qualify for this much vitriol from Patrick in any case. But I'm not surprised someone with a homophobic profile description is being unreasonably vitriolic :) — roi · 46
DoN is banned now, so — MrGoldbee · 1248
ROI will die — ReturnOnInvestments · 1