Signos arcaicos
Sin traducir

Apoyo. Hand

Objeto. Ocultismo. Tomo.

Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Descarta de tu mano una carta que tenga al menos 1 icono de habilidad : Coloca sobre los Signos arcaicos 1 recurso de la reserva de fichas como secreto.

Obligado - Después de que se coloque el tercer secreto sobre los Signos arcaicos: Descarta los Signos arcaicos y obtén 5 recursos. Anota en el registro de campaña que "los investigadores han traducido los signos".

Anna Christenson
El camino a Carcosa #25.
Signos arcaicos

Note: this is being written as of The Path to Carcosa with no mythos packs of the cycle published.

This is less a review and more a call to consider including this card, even before we know what it can upgrade into. We know that Strange Solution could be upgraded to the very powerful Strange Solution, Strange Solution, or Strange Solution and as Archaic Glyphs is much more expensive to "activate" we can expect that the eventual upgrade will be likewise more valuable.

But who should take it, while the upgrades are still unknown? Seekers who can afford to carry two fairly useless cards (with one useful skill icon) are reasonable choices but Akachi Onyele gives the best risk/reward opportunity and the reason is her fairly bizarre deckbuilding restrictions.

Akachi can take all mystic and neutral cards, as you would expect, but then can also take cards with uses (charges) up to level 4 and then occult cards of level 0. Guess how many cards with uses (charges) are not already Mystic cards (as of The Path to Carcosa)? If you guessed zero, you're right! And how many Occult cards are level 0? Precisely one: these Archaic Glyphs. So to make Akachi's deckbuilding restrictions make any sense at all, the upgrade for Archaic Glyphs will be a seeker card (Hand. Item. Occult. Tome) that will have uses (charges) AND will probably not have that many charges on it so as to make Akachi's special powers that much more valuable: namely the ability to automatically add an extra charge onto the card as well as being able to recover it back in hand with Spirit-Speaker.

This speculative review will be revised once we know all the upgrades available for Archaic Glyphs.

franzel · 22
It does seem like this is a plant for Akachi, but it also seems she would have a problem actually translating the Glyphs since the cards she has access to with intellect icons seem either not right for her (Alyssa Graham, Forbidden Knowledge), generally a bit rubbish (Mystical Teachings, Scrying, Moonlight Ritual) or far too important to be discarded to this card (Rite of Seeking, Drawn to the Flame). Add to that the fact that it eats up your precious actions and it doesn’t seem likely she will ever manage to get successful translation whilst still doing well in the scenarios. — ksym77 · 41
It's a good point, but at the same time, she only has to successfully do it once. After that, they're just marginally useless cards to her. It's entirely possible that the investment won't be worth it! We won't know until we see the rest of the campaign. — franzel · 22
Also I just found out that the June FAQ allows wild icons to also match which gives you some more options to get it done the one time. — franzel · 22
Also super useful to note that this is a Tome, so with Daisy... — Orangerequired · 1
This is exactly why I have given Akachi this card, and once I had translated the glyphs, traded them in for something else... — Panzerbjrn · 16
Well, the leveled-up versions are out (in stores if not online). franzel's predictions are only partially correct: the leveled-up versions are Seeker cards (arcane, Spell) with a few charges (allowing Akachi to take them). But neither of them fit with Akachi, because they're intellect-based. They're a better fit for Marie who has the intellect to make use of them. — Khudzlin · 1
Indeed. And although Guiding Stones is the more efficient option, I think I'm going to be putting Prophecy Foretold in my Minh deck because it's an evade that works on elites but doesn't have to test against the evade score. AND it still gets a clue. — franzel · 22
Can i discard a card with "?"(wild) icon ? As a matter of fact it can be considered as a "book icon"... — Rosco · 1
FAQ v1.3 says, A Wild (?) skill icon on a player card may be used to match any other skill icon for the purposes of both card abilities and counting how many matching icons are committed to a skill test." Since this is a card ability, you can discard a card with a wild icon to count as a card with a book icon. — gillum · 1