Cost: 3. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Usos (3 secretos).

Gasta 1 secreto: Investigar. Investiga cualquier Lugar revelado que esté en juego como si estuvieras en él.

El camino a Carcosa #27.
Bien informado

A hand driving over a street map, toying with little black and red flags and smoking a cigarette in safety while other investigators do the dirty work... That is exactly the way i imagined Seekers to be like. In the Know emanates Seekers' blatant power, they just KNOW without ever having been on-site.

With the exception of one scenario where locations are revealed automatically, In The Know is a cooperative card for multiplayer games. While other investigators do what they would do anyway, they enable the bearer of In The Know to gather clues from the locations they have visited.

  1. One of the plain advantages of this card is the gathering over a distance. Each use saves the card's bearer a lot of precious actions: count the sum of required movements to get over there, include the estimated count of evasion attempts and finally add the potential threats the Mythos Phase generates while being on the way to get the idea.
  2. But there is much more to it! Some locations require skill tests on enter (spoiler), with In The Know you omit these.
  3. This talent can be used multiple times per round.
  4. In addition, if the bearer can squeeze out additional clues, they are all taken from the distant location, as approved by Matthew Newman: (start of quote) In the Know works a little differently from some other investigation cards (like Seeking Answers for example). Instead of just saying that you discover clues at a different location, it reads "Investigate any revealed location in play as if you were at that location” (emphasis mine). That means any clues you would discover “at your location” as part of this investigation are discovered at the location you are investigating with In the Know. So Rex’s bonus clue or any other additional clues from Deduction, etc, would all be taken from the location you chose when you used In the Know. (end of quote)
  5. Oh, and the biggest advantage comes as a conclusion. With In The Know Seekers can safely gather clues from the lion's den - any possible Attack of Opportunity fails, because it's target is not present!

There is no real downside with using In The Know. One could wish it had more than 3 uses, one could also demur that it does not change the skill test base to Intellect in locations which have different requirements, as in spoiler. One could also barricade oneself into oblivion, some people are never happy.


  • Big-time click-compression. Investigate crucial or tricky locations without a risk!
  • Comboes well with Rex Murphy and Deduction.


  • Rather useless in solo play. Exception see below.
  • As it does not boost any test, it is booked by investigators with high Intellect.
  • Certain obstacles at the target location prevent In the Know from being used: spoiler.
  • Does not circumvent any additional effects at the target location: spoiler's Revelation and Forced effects take place.


  • Lost In Time And Space will be a walk in the park with In The Know equipped.
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