Inspiración. Táctica.

Cost: 0. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Vincula esta carta a tu Lugar.

Los Enemigos que no sea Élite no pueden moverse al Lugar vinculado ni aparecer en él. Cada vez que un Enemigo fuese a aparecer en el Lugar vinculado, en lugar de eso haz que aparezca en un Lugar conectado si es posible.

Obligado - Cuando un investigador abandone el Lugar vinculado: Descarta la Barricada.

Stephen Somers
Regreso a La noche de la fanática #4.
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Erratum: This card’s constant ability should read: “Each time a non-Elite enemy would spawn at attached location, spawn it at a connecting location instead, if able.” - FAQ, v.1.4, September 2018
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I've never liked the 0-lvl Barricade, neither have I seen any necessity to add it in any investigator's deck. But this updated version seems to have some potential. Let's try to find out: does it? For a price of a one card draw and an action you:

  • avoid dealing with monsters drawn from encounter deck and enemy weaknesses right now. They still can cause you a lot of troubles should they be hunters;
  • help other investigators from the adjacent locations to run away from the monster they can't deal with right now (for a price of one attack of opportunity);
  • avoid non-Elite hunters lurking outside. The problem is that this effect is temporal since you usually need to move, and once someone leaves the location, the card effect is gone. And you have to cope with all the hunters at once (on practice, it's rarely a real pile of monsters, but nonetheless). You, however, still can try and manage to spread non-hunters so, that they don't prevent your further advance. The card can be useful for solo seeker who tries to avoid fight as much as it is possible, as well as for a group of 4, since it is a good chance someone of them will draw an enemy during a mythos phase, and with this card attached to the location it means that that investigator will have 3 free actions next turn without a need to deal with the enemy. And the more investigators are in the location, the better chance of that to happen, unless I'm really bad in math and odds. All above said seems pretty decent on paper, but there are many other issues with it:
  • there are plenty of other cool cards to buy in seeker's card set and 3 exp is not that cheap;
  • universal card >>> specific card. This card is almost of no use if you don't have a scenario location where you are expected to spend several turns. And it happens not that often;
  • you're still playing with odds: you don't know whether you will draw some monsters or not. It's not a guaranteed escape from them (well, partially it is, when you play it so, that another investigator from the adjacent location can leap to you). So the card is not good from the perspective of 'action economy' either. At the same time, I would probably add it to my deck closer to the scenario end, since it seems pretty fun to play when you can benefit from it. And it still has 3 different icons so you can improve someone's odds slightly (or significantly if you are Mihn).
chrome · 4
I have a doubt regarding the errata. It replaces the whole constant ability? So that enemies can move now into the attached location? Or it just replaces the "Each time..." part? — mborda · 1
the latter, I believe. Otherwise the card is even worse than the 0-lvl version. It looks like they just tried to fix the wrong wording they had initially, making it clear that the 2nd part, as well as the 1st one which is not excluded, also refers to non-Elite enemy. — chrome · 4