The Cry of All Things That Are To Die

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accidentallysam · 328

For me, building for true solo play is about maximizing the generality of your deck and minimizing its draw uncertainty. I designed this deck to ensure you will have cards in your hand that will help you reliably respond to the largest possible set of game states and tests, with the exception of agility tests. Expect to fail the latter.

This simple deck does not do everything, and it does rely on combat to advance the game state. It also does not feature any flashy combos. It will rarely leave you without any options, though. Do not be reluctant to commit duplicate asset cards to skill tests, and use allies to soak damage and horror early and often.

Mulligan to get at least one weapon and one ally in your starting hand. If you do not have a weapon in your starting hand, use Prepared for the Worst to get a weapon into play as soon as possible. From then on, the cards in your hand should serve as a guide to action.

Note that if you use Leo's special ability to play Venturer, the latter gets you 3 additional ammo on any Firearm for 3 resources and zero actions. If you plan ahead, this can be very powerful, especially once you have the M1918 BAR in your deck.

Also note that Inspiring Presence enables you to use the ability on Beat Cop or Venturer twice in one turn.

Elusive is essential for navigating scenarios with a large number of locations. Remember that you can play it even if you are not engaged with any enemies!

When playing on Hard difficulty, Evidence! and Scene of the Crime are essential for avoiding difficult Investigate tests.

Some recommended upgrades, in order of priority: Beat Cop, .45 Automatic, Charisma, M1918 BAR. Save the M1918 BAR for late game boss fights.


Feb 10, 2019 Uncle George the Farmer · 238

For me i find pretty difficult to play true solo without Flashlight. Even for Roland who's ability favors him collecting clues faster than other guardians he needs that tool for low shroud locations keeping the auto-clue cards for the high ones. Consider adding it. You 'll find yourself in difficult situations wasting your actions for investigation.

Feb 11, 2019 accidentallysam · 328

Thanks @Uncle George the Farmer, that is a very good point. I have been relying on the generous number of pips in this deck to pass Investigate tests. Upon reflection, I realized that I nevertheless have often wasted actions failing such tests, especially on Hard difficulty. I think that, moving forward, I will swap out 2x Perception for 2x Flashlight. The only downside I can see to doing so is the additional resource cost, but I expect that re-gaining lost Investigate actions should compensate for that. (This deck tends to run with just enough resources.)