Apoyo. Hand x2

Objeto. Arma. Arma de fuego.

Cost: 5. XP: 4.
Test Icons:

Usos (8 municiones).

Gasta 1-5 municiones: Combatir. Recibes +X para este ataque. En lugar de su daño normal, este ataque inflige X puntos de daño. X es la cantidad de municiones gastadas como parte del coste de esta capacidad.

John Pacer
La Ciudad de los Archivos #229.
M1918 BAR

Magnificent. Introducing the Browning Automatic Rifle, a weapon that lets you spend exactly as much ammo as you need to one-shot the enemy.

I think the most obvious card to compare this to is Lightning Gun, and I think they tend to be neck-and-neck. The key here is that the Lightning Gun's insane +5 bonus is usually more than you need, given that every character who can buy this already has at least 4 . Mark Harrigan in particular is going to prefer the BAR's more judicious approach to spending ammunition.

Some noteworthy interactions:

  • Probably the best card to date to combine with Sleight of Hand, so Zoey Samaras and Leo Anderson should especially consider it.
  • One of the few cards for which Contraband unambiguously pulls ahead of Extra Ammunition.
  • Speaking of which, Extra Ammunition and BAR are genuinely terrible together. You want Extra Ammunition to at least double your usage out of a weapon, and this combination is nowhere close. (I might consider it before Contraband, though. You could probably make the case that it's worthwhile to get 22 ammo instead of 16.)

The BAR seems to just generally love Rogue cards, actually. Even Double or Nothing, a card I'm not ordinarily fond of, can seriously up its game in a BAR deck, where its chances of producing a 10-damage strike are much better than with Shotgun.

In all, the Extra Ammunition problem prevents the BAR from being quite as good as the Lightning Gun, but it's not quite as expensive, either, so they're roughly in the same tier. (Lightning Gun pulls ahead on Expert, though, because its +5 becomes more relevant.)

The BAR seems so powerful for Leo that I think it's my automatic first upgrade if I ever run him.

sfarmstrong · 43
Lightning Gun seems better with Sleight of Hand unless you are going for 1 action burst damage. LG can do more overall damage, and is always more accurate over all shots. Contraband still doesn't seem worth it because it takes at least 3 ammo to make an effective shot. — Urgergaberg · 1
Dont forget custom ammunition. — Tsuruki23 · 384
Would this get the extra damage from custom ammo. Depends when the extra damage is calculated, I guess... — Urgergaberg · 1
Do i get this right, this weapon's effect replaces the 1 damage all attacks do? Or is the damage equal to ammo spent in addition to that? — Django · 1807
Yes, you will only do damage equal to the ammo you spend on the attack. — Urgergaberg · 1
It's pretty close with Lightning Gun, but yeah, I'd generally prefer BAR. I expect that it will be more common to want to spend two actions to take two +4/4 shots, or one +5/5 shot and one +3/3 shot, than to spend three actions each taking a +5/3 shot. For one thing, you could very well need the middle action to move so that there's something to hit with the second attack. The third shot with Lightning Gun will usually be wasted outside of a boss fight, and in a boss fight dealing nine damage in three actions isn't necessarily better than dealing eight damage in two actions. The BAR is especially at an advantage against four-health enemies, which are quite common. I'll stand by my claim that BAR is the best Sleight of Hand combo to date but, again, I do recognize that it's close. I'll also reiterate that Lightning Gun is the champ on Expert. — sfarmstrong · 43
Am I the only one who doesn't like this card?? The only way to make this card worthwhile (aside from the Sleight of hand combo which is quite strong I must admit) is to play it in conjunction with Contraband. That leads to 2 issues: The first is that it's only viable for Leo or Zoey who are the only Guardians who have access to Contraband (along with Sleight of Hand). The second is that you actually have to be sitting on at least 9 resources and have the actions to spare to play both the BAR and the Contraband before starting to use ammo (you wouldn't want to waste Contraband ammo so you really want to play these cards together). When you run weapons like Shotgun or Lightning Gun you always pack extra ammo with you to make them more efficient and reliable. The same can be considered with BAR, so I really wouldn't run this if I don't have Contraband. — matt88 · 605
And I probably wouldn't run it all. — matt88 · 605
No, matt88, you aren't :) One is right - it is the best weapon to deal burst damage. That's all. This weapon is flexible, but for 2-3 shots. What next? The answer is not that simple like with LG. BAR has some sweet synergies (Custom Ammo, Contraband), but again - they must be played before the first use of that weapon, so they need a huge initial investment. LG is much more straightforward - pull it, kill things, reload with extra ammo, still being a weapon with the best use of 1 ammo, much better than with BAR. I would always want LG first, BAR could be second heavy weapon with green Zoey and Leo. — KptMarchewa · 1
These problems all seem very manageable to me. I mean, it kind of seems like you're comparing the value of LG in an LG-optimized deck vs. the value of BAR in... an LG-optimized deck. Extra Ammunition and Experimental Ammunition are wonderful cards, but add those to LG and a Level-2 Beat Cop, and - let's face it - Stick to the Plan, and you're looking at a massive commitment of XP and resources. You can get a decent BAR deck up and running in just a scenario or two, and having the extra XP to buy Stand Together or (for Leo) Level-2 Hot Streak will do a pretty good job of mitigating the higher up-front resource cost. Obviously, a 25-XP LG deck is going to outperform an 8-XP BAR deck, but I expect I could build a pretty damned impressive 25-XP deck if I favoured BAR. — sfarmstrong · 43
@sfarmstrong Can you give an example if a 25-XP BAR-centered deck?? — matt88 · 605
@sfarmstrong I meant: ... of a 25-XP BAR-centered deck?? (Sigh!) — matt88 · 605
I don't think you need to have 25 xp before the LG or BAR are good. They are both good in their own right. The problem is the support cards that synergize with BAR fewer and/or weaker. Both of the ammo cards are weak with BAR. The BAR requires 3 ammo per shot to be better damage than level 0 weapons. So Extra Ammunition gets you 1 more shot. Custom Ammunition is slightly better because the extra damage will save you ammo but only if you are fighting a monsters. At 3xp and 3 cost, I think that is worse than Contraband (not hard math, just how I feel about it). At 9 resources, that combo seems unplayable. BAR is still really good with Sleight of Hand for the exact reason sfarmstrong brought up, it would save you an action when fully unloading it. If 10 damage from the BAR or 12 damage from the LG is needed will depend on the situation. But LG is also more XP, so its acqusition is slightly slower. So it is possible you can pick up a BAR earlier in a campaign, so that is something. I think in the end the BAR is good, it just has weaker synergies than LG. — Urgergaberg · 1
@matt88, I'm not prepared to put together a complete deck yet, but I would have enough XP to get Stick to the Plan and two copies of Stand Together, plus maybe "I've Had Worse". That would give me a strong opening and reliable economy - I basically end up with a deck that wrecks enemies nearly as well as an LG deck, but I've got more reliable resource-generation and card-draw. — sfarmstrong · 43 25xp dream first turn: Bar with 16ammo — Fireblaze · 1