Apoyo. Hand x2

Objeto. Arma. Arma de fuego. Ilegal.

Cost: 6. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Usos (5 municiones).

La munición gastada de la Thompson del .45 se coloca en tu reserva de recursos como recursos.

Gasta 1 de munición: Combatir. Recibes +2 e infliges +1 punto de daño para este ataque.

Robert Laskey
Por el bien común #186.
Thompson del .45

Leo Anderson wants you to say hello to his lil friend... OK, he's reloading!

This upgrade (featuring more bullets in the artwork than the original) seems like it might be the real reason why Sleight of Hand made it onto the mutated list of taboos.

By itself, we now have a quality +2 weapon that will almost pay for itself over its 5 shots. This lets us use it early in a scenario to wipe up mooks without losing tempo in the long run, and those click savings mean it can get seamlessly replaced later on for a boss-killer gun.

An obvious combo with Venturer means that the ally essentially ends up costing 1 resource (0 in Leo). Likewise it turns Extra Ammunition (from under Stick to the Plan) into even more resources. It also turns on Bandolier in case you're Roland Banks with a couple Hawk-Eye Folding Camera or something.

This is the Dr. Milan Christopher of weapons. That should speak volumes...

The_Wall · 107
Agree with you but I think Sleight of Hand + the BAR was probably the reason SOH is in a taboo list:) — Krysmopompas · 3