Scry-ana, the Redeemed Clue-tist

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Soloclue 426

If you're not Scrying, you're not trying!

Have you ever wanted to just screw over the encounter deck the way the encounter deck screwed over you? Now you can with Scry-ana!

The concept behind Scry-ana is that Diana's Will is very low and we can't really guarantee that we will hit the 6 Will we want to be hitting. So what CAN we do? Simple: We can take Scrying.

Scrying is really helpful as it can rearrange the deck and allow you to basically assign treacheries to people who would best be able to handle them. It also gives you time to plan out how to optimally use your cancels.

To support this concept we are also taking Alyssa. Scryana should always be lead investigator. This way Alyssa will show her what she will draw. Then she can decide what she wants to do from there. Since we are using Alyssa, we may as well go full clues. We are also taking Flashlight, St. Hubert's Key, Perception and Enraptured (put more charges on Scrying!) since we will investigate lots.

With all this support, Diana should have no problem getting clues. But we are going to give her more help anyway! Drawn to the Flame gives her 2 clues but also another opportunity to cancel. Scene of the Crime can get 2 clues as well, easily, because you can rearrange the deck to make it work. And if you can't, On the Hunt secures Scene of the Crime can go off.

If you DO get your Will up, Shrilleving will help you fight baddies. Until then, you have some guns. Mostly though you want to be getting clues and defending the team through your cancels.

Finally, Prepared for the Worst helps you pull your Twilight Blade (or .45 Automatics, but we are mostly looking for Twilight Blade.)


Feb 12, 2019 PureFlight 340

I like the idea of peeking at the encounter deck with Alyssa, playing Drawn to the Flame if it's not bad or if you have a cancel, then scrying to stack the encounter deck. You got two clues and gave the group its best possible mythos phase in two actions.

Or if you got an Enemy with Drawn, you kill'em. I wonder if Evidence! is worth a slot? hahaha