Mark and Sophie go dancing

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jimjamculver · 8

she was dancing with him again, eyes alight with the joy of it, round and round they went, and then he remembered that she was dead. Her hair hung over her face and in a panic he wondered if he could remember what she looked like. He brushed it aside, and she had no face at all, only eyes that screamed hopelessly and her hands came up and scratched at him and he woke up. His head was throbbing and his heart pounding. Oh my poor dear Sophie. And as he expected there was blood where she had scratched him in the dream. He was afraid to sleep these days, and he longed for it.

6xp after the initial club scenario of Dunwich leads up to the first choice which is to take Stick to the Plan and a few 1xp cards, dropping the Thermos flasks.

I really want the upgraded beat cops(2) next and one or two of the super big guns, but I think and hope they can wait and that I will be able to scrabble through the miskatonic university buildings just as I am.

Update: Note because the Exceptional Stick to the Plan actually cost 6xp and not 3, I had to wait a scenario to buy the extras, which were Ever Vigilant , Marksmanship and Ambush .

Update: after the Museum dropping a flashlight in favour of an m1918bar big gun. I'm slowly becoming more specialised and giving up clue finding as I'm playing alongside Rex and Agnes

Update: the dunwich express was the easiest so far. We drew great cards early and Rex and Agnes did great work. I'm dropping the other Flashlight in favour of another big gun (M1918 BAR ), although I did actually use it on the train we had already won at that point.

Update: Stick to the Plan is proving its worth time after time now. It makes for a very fast start with Ever Vigilant to bring out the Assets I need. Emergency Cache for quick money, and Dodge for the final boss fight. All good, all the time. So, in the last scenario we got 7xp, only one of the kidnapped people was sacrificed and we killed the 18 health boss, rather than trying to talk to him. I'm spending the loot haul on 2 upgraded Beat Cop and Charisma , because I also gained Earl Sawyer , so there is a reasonable chance that I may be able to run 2 allies at the same time. Since Charisma is permanent, I don't need to discard anything.

Update: 3xp from fighting the Yogs which was practically impossible for Mark with his tiny willpower. Charisma was very good in keeping him alive. So I'm dropping an Emergency Aid and buying an Elder Sign Amulet since I've never used healing so far and Mark's sanity is limbo low.

I should add that I acquired an internal injury weakness Internal Injury which looks irritating but manageable and after 3 scenarios and loads of XP I still haven't drawn the big guns once! M1918 BAR