Wendy Adams - Standalone 18XP - Going Rogue Alone (On Your O

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TWWaterfalls · 451

Wendy has learned how to survive All Alone

I haven't played Wendy since the core campaign with only the core cards. After playing Jenny with the always expanding Rogue toolset of evasion and indirect and mostly testless I finally really saw what Wendy was capable of. And I think Wendy is capable of amazing things in a build that focuses on that and the Survivor cluegetting toolset.

I initially had a fairly standard deck setup with the Cat Burglar and some economy cards to pay for all of her events. On Your Own fit her deck perfectly though and should allow her to use Dark Horse more effectively than most Survivors.

Expansions Included - basically this includes the Core, Dunwich and what I am buying (already bought) during my trip to the US this month. I am leaving entire boxes of content at home just in case something happens to my Arkham while traveling.

  1. Core Set
  2. Dunwich - Dark Horse is a big part of this deck but it isn't essential to the deck. You could do this deck without it. You would change a few things though without the restriction of Dark Horse.
  3. Forgotten Age
  4. Return to Carcosa

It is all about Events

Wendy will do everything to avoid direct confrontation and she even has a cardset that avoids directly getting clues. On Your Own fit this deck perfectly so it is singularly the most important card in the deck. Her Amulet is the probably the only card that you don't Mulligan in order to find On Your Own.


Wendy's can be boosted to a 5 so she can evade alright on her own but she will also have Slip Away which has the powerful effect of one additional enemy phase before it readies.


Wendy isn't doing any direct combat but she is sneaky and will do quite a bit of damage. Her first option will always be to run away but Hatchet Man, Coup de GrĂ¢ce and Sneak Attack can do some damage when needed. She can also throw the Lantern for 1 or 2 damage in an emergency.

Getting Clues

Wendy will be okay with Dark Horse and a 4 in play but she will need her Flashlight, Lantern and Winging It to reduce the shroud and "Look what I found!" and Lucky! will turn failures into success. Belly of the Beast is another great card for Wendy but it is in TCU and I am not bringing any TCU cards on the trip.

Dark Horse

I think I hate this card. Like really hate it. It is such a powerful card but the usage restriction to balance it makes it frustrating to play. Overall I think the card design is extremely well done. It is strong but not too strong. By building a deck around On Your Own it really enabled her to take Dark Horse in her deck. One big benefit for Wendy is that she can use 3 of the 4 skill boosts increased by the card and they really help her a lot. If an investigator only uses 1 or 2 of the boosts from Dark Horse I will typically find another way to boost those skills.

Big Concerns

One of the biggest concerns will her sanity since her weakness deals direct horror and she doesn't have any allies to absorb some horror. She also doesn't have her Teddy Bear (Carcosa) so she will use Liquid Courage to heal some of the horror and provide a little support for her teammates.


Besides healing some horror with Liquid Courage, she will also be able to discard a troublesome treachery card with Alter Fate for a teammate. Evasion can also be useful for non-hunter enemies.

Will To Survive is Missing

This deck doesn't really have the economy to run it especially with the big boost available from Dark Horse. Backstab is also missing but I questioned whether or not Wendy could pass tests with it easily.

Cards I wish that I had

Lockpicks would be amazing in this deck and so would Cherished Keepsake. Both are in Carcosa. Belly of the Beast is a great cluegetting card but this deck has many options for getting clues so that isn't as big of an issue.


Jan 13, 2020 Folomo · 1

Wait, you have return to car Ossa but not carcossa?

Jan 13, 2020 TWWaterfalls · 451

@FolomoNo, I am traveling for the next 3 weeks and leaving all of Carcosa (and TCU) at home. I am however picking up Return to Carcosa while on the trip though so that can be included.

Jan 14, 2020 Faranim · 245

I don't understand why On Your Own (3) is important? Madame Labranche will let you play Winging It, Lucky!, or Alter Fate (3) at 0 resources as well.

And you have no way to play your Rogue events at all if you are trying to use Dark Horse, aside from the single Emergency Cache. Did you not realize that On Your Own (3) only works on Survivor events, or am I missing something about how you intend this to work?

Also, I personally prefer Newspaper or Newspaper (2) if I am going to run Winging It since the bonuses actually combine.

You can't combine Flashlight, Lantern or Winging It in any meaningful way as they are all separate Actions.

Jan 14, 2020 TWWaterfalls · 451

Oh No! I can't read the details. I will have to figure out plan B for this deck since On Your Own won't work as well I planned.

Unfortunately, Madame Labranche is also from Carcosa because she would be great in this deck. A bunch of cards would be great from Carcosa.

Newspaper's on off boost is quite bothersome. Flashlight and Winging it stack with LWIF and Lucky so they should work on lower shrouds while the Seekers clear higher shrouds.

I have to make some changes on the fly now though. Thanks for pointing this out before I started playing.