Coste: 2.


Rápido. Juega esta carta después de que fracases en una prueba de habilidad por 2 o menos al investigar.

Descubre 2 pistas en tu lugar.

Mark Molnar
Caja básica #79.
"¡Mira lo que he encontrado!"


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • You can only 'discover' a clue if there is a clue on your location.
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In my opinion, this card has one of the finest artworks of the core set and perfectly illustrates the survivor's feat: turning a bad situation into a good one!

You can play it after investigating in a location with at least 1 clue on it. There are plenty of chances during a scenario to trigger this event. It's greatest plus is that it is never wasted. You merely play it after the attempt, in comparison to committing cards to a skill test upfront!

Fast cards aren't subject to Attacks of Opportunity, so if you are engaged when playing Look what I found!, you only get hit once (for the investigation test).

Special note: if the location has a shroud of 2 or less (after applying all modifiers), you can even play Look what I found! after drawing the -symbol token and resolve the effect!

This card is so good in most decks that it is easier to summarize where it does not shine brightly:


  • Great click-compression. Gain two actions for the cost of one!
  • Comboes well with Rabbit's Foot.
  • In hard/expert difficulty propabilities shift and you frequently fail investigations by more than 2 points, the card becomes more appealing to investigators with high Intellect then.


  • One-time effect only. It should not be your only means for gathering clues.
  • Rex Murphy can not include it due to his deckbuilding restriction.
  • Investigators with high Intellect most often pass their investigation tests instead of failing on easy/standard difficulty.
  • A spoiler prevents Look what I found! from being played, while Working a Hunch and Drawn to the Flame bypass it.
  • spoiler is not discarded after Look what I found! is resolved, because the investigation is still considered unsuccessful.
Synisill · 790
That's interersting, if you collect the last clues with the last spoiler card active it remains even though no clues are present? — Django · 4963
@Django: Pretty sure, yes, it would stay, spoiler card "OF" could have been placed on a location with no clues initially, and also would stay. — Synisill · 790
There are two mistakes in this otherwise great review. — Plant · 7

I want to add to the other review that in my experience, having "Look what I found!" in hand and wanting to make use of the action-compression is a sure-fire way to just pass all your investigate tests. Seriously. Recently, I even opted as "Ashcan" Pete NOT to investigate with Duke for the express purpose of failing so I could grab both clues, draw a card with Rabbit's Foot, and get out of there. Nope, still passed.

HollowsHeart · 17
Like sparking a cigarette while waiting for a bus. — Mac · 1
This is especially an issue with Rita, because her Elder Sign is +2, so it's really hard to reliably fail tests. — Zinjanthropus · 225
I wonder if you can play Look what I found! for the 2 clues then then right after play Lucky! to pass it. — Lotharun · 2
No, that wouldn't work. Lucky has to be played when you would fail, so the +2 would make you pass. This card can only be played after you fail a test. Live and Learn would work, though. — Jaysaber · 7

Oops! and Dumb Luck are more restrictive, but "Look what I found!" can easily trigger off a failed Investigate action on a Concealed card. Not a bad consolation prize, but potentially easy to overlook. If you're holding this card and your location has both clues and Concealed cards, it's probably (often) best to Investigate Concealed first.

PJFrigate · 294