Even Rex Try to be Winifred

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bulaxy · 237

I have never been a fan of overpower/strong investigator like Rex, so this is actually the first Rex deck that I am happy with since this deck is a bit... Janky... (like most of my other published deck)

Deck Original

This deck idea was originated from play-testing some of my Jeremiah Kirby deck. One issue I always run into is Jeremiah Kirby always drawing too many cards causing hand-size issue. So I was like, what if, WHAT IF they are great commits?

Deck info

Some of you might look at the deck be like, what is Arcane Enlightenment doing a deck with no tome? what is Scrapper doing in a deck like this? While you can play the card outright, majority of this deck are used for commits.

So, you only play card to draw cards, and since Rex ability of getting extra clue when succeed by 2 and Lucky Cigarette Case, you should keep your hand-size reasonable and just throw cards in skill test!

Cards that you actually want to play

  • Lucky Cigarette Case, well, you should aim to succeed by 2 and trigger Rex ability quite a bit, and since you going to commit a lot, Lucky Cigarette case make sense here.
  • Jeremiah Kirby, Giving you +1 and drawing you 5 cards and some soak! that just amazing.
  • Deep Knowledge, 0 resources draw 3, probably not bad, is kind of a backup in case you did not draw other card draw in starting hand.
  • Preposterous Sketches, same as Deep Knowledge, but 2 resources.
  • Scrapper (and other resources sink like Higher Education, Scientific Theory), this deck did NOT intend you to actually PLAY your event, you will not be spending a lot of resources in the game, and you can throw your resources in these resources sink to pass encounter cards or evade enemies.

Most of the events that have 2 icons arre quite flexible, and might help you get out of sticky situration

  • Crack the Case (only 1 icon), added it in because there are not enough 2 icons cards in Seeker, but giving you more resources to throw in resources sink is probably ok. Cards like Shortcut is a good alternative (also can use it quite flexible)
  • Connect the Dots and Extensive Research can use sometimes if the token bag is pretty bad or the location is really high shroud.
  • Decoy, sometimes, you just need to evade enemies, so given you should have some resources spare, it is fine.
  • Cryptic Writings, sometimes, your deck will have too many cards in hand after you use Kirby, using them immediately to get resources to help with hand-size seems pretty good to me! Rex pretending to be Winifred with keep committing cards and using Lucky Cigarette Case to draw cards.

Important Upgrade

This deck actually dont need a lot of xp to function (if any), all the upgrades are really just good to have. Higher Education being arguable the most important since with Scrapper/Hard Knocks, it will cover all 4 skills, but not a must.

Final thought Is the deck the best/strongest Rex deck out there? Probably not, is the deck meme-my? Probably :) Have fun!


Aug 07, 2022 Maylick · 1

Rex is pretty balanced with Taboo, especially with 3-4 players.