Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

Elige un Enemigo agotado que no sea Élite y que esté en tu Lugar y realiza una prueba de (X), donde X es el valor de evitar de ese Enemigo. Si tienes éxito, derrota a ese Enemigo.

—¿Se… se ha acabado? —Le temblaban las manos, y cayó de rodillas—. ¿Se ha acabado por fin?
Matthew Cowdery
La máscara pálida #237.
Embate por sorpresa

The obvious comparison to this card is Backstab. "It's the Survivor backstab", I hear you say. And Backstab is a kinda-average card: OK but a little clumsy and quite expensive, so the temptation is to think that Waylay fits into that category, but it's a far superior card for many reasons.

Firstly it can do more than 3 damage. Frequently you will do four, five, or even six damage with it. That's great.

Secondly it's "attacking" on the evade value rather than the fight value. There are lots and lots and lots of creatures that have a weaker evade than fight. The above two-cases provide a ton of monsters of which Waylay is a great target for. Almost every scenario has some, many of which provide XP. You'd be surprised what isn't actually elite.

Next is the fact that it's not technically an attack action, nor is it technically doing any damage. This might seem strange, but it gets around certain edge-cases, some of which are niche, but some of which are significant, or common. (You do also need to be aware that as it isn't a "fight", it will provoke if there are other enemies engaged with you. Stay safe heroes).

Lastly it has better icons. Double-anything is usually good, and here we're getting something that matches with our Agility (presumably we like Agility, as we're chosing this). Obvious heroes are Wendy, but it is excellent in Finn also, who can set it up with his free evades.

The significant downside here is you may not use it against elite(s).. — XehutL · 33
Of course. But the point is, there are lots of big bad monsters that are not elite. Surprisingly many. See all of the hotlinks above, and many more. — duke_loves_biscuits · 559
Still, I would compare it rather to Sneak Attack than Backstab - as they are IMO more close to themselves.. — XehutL · 33
Both comparisons are lacking... id rather view it as a card on it’s own. Backstab only needs one evade test to succeed, while this card needs at least 2. — Django · 1972
I think Backstab is good comparison, because both of these cards will be used to kill something big in one go. — matt88 · 774
  • This Card can defeat any exhausted enemy at your location, so you don't need to engage and evade it yourself.

  • Playing as Minh Thi Phan, you can use Prophecy to evade any enemy (ignoring its Location and who it is engaging)

  • Snare Trap can exhaust hunter enemies, as well

  • Use Cheap Shot to evade enemies engaged with other investigators

  • Can be used on Brood of Yog-Sothoth, to defeate them. So you gain victory Points, unlike Disc of Itzamna or Close Call.

  • Resourceful can recover this card
Django · 1972
Or how about an auto-kill Yorick with @Stray Cat and @Waylay and then recovering the cat with Yorick to do it again later. Yorick's Elder Sign ability let's you recover Waylay again. Sweet stuff — ellonellanfair · 7
Prophecy can only evade enemies engaged with you. (See FAQ.) — Death by Chocolate · 12

Survivor Sneak Attack or Backstab depending on how you look at it.

I won't deny that the effect is powerful, but it also does require that you have evaded (and exhausted) the enemy prior to the playing of this card. That isn't impossible, and for survivors it is even manageable to easy depending on your build.... but that extra action can really pinch you.

Still, it is a card that adds to the evasion only characters (WENDY) tool set by allowing them to eliminate a threat or a victory target.

I think the price is right and while this won't find its way into every Survivor character, it is pretty great for evader characters, especially Wendy.

So slot it in Wendy decks, but avoid it otherwise.

Myriad · 645
Seems like it might be the missing piece in an evade heavy Wendy build. — youperguy · 7
It also auto-kills those things in dunwich horror. You know what I mean. Don't 'brood' over it. — CecilAlucardX · 2
In hindsight I also appreciate that this card and hiding spot allow you to run Mark Harrigan as an agile guardian. — Myriad · 645