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Brian Valenzuela
Los confines de la Tierra Expansión investigadores #78.
Espíritu intrépido
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can Defensive Stance, Survey the Area, Occult Theory, or Dauntless Spirit be committed to tests from beneath Amanda Sharpe? A: No. A card can only be committed to a skill test if it possesses 1 or more skill icons matching the skill being tested. As these cards only possess skill icons while they are in your hand or already committed to a test, they cannot be committed to a test from anywhere else (such as beneath Amanda Sharpe, or directly from your deck using another card effect). - FAQ, v.2.0, August 2022
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This card, along with Survey the Area, Defensive Stance, and Occult Theory forms a cycle of cards that boost two of your skills (Savant is a different breed, but is the Rogue 1XP version). The two skills are the ones that the Edge of the Earth investigators have a 4 and 5 base skill in (Lily excepting), so for those investigators specifically, these cards boost those skills to a modified skill of 9 (without any other modifiers in play). Number big! Why would you want to pay an XP for such a big number, when Unexpected Courage usually puts you in a good position to pass a test, or you want the draw off of Guts?

  • You're looking for something to help you succeed-by-2 (although note that that's most commong in , and that class didn't get one of these cards (but hey, off-classes exist).
  • If you're dealing with Curse tokens, this may make you feel more comfortable about a very important skill test.
  • On Hard difficulty, this may be worth it more of the time when you must pull a chaos token.
  • Occasionally you do need to pass a very tough skill test. Several locations throughout the campaigns ask you to test (5) to unlock something or another or avoid something bad. Being up by 4 should protect you almost all of the time on Standard,
  • If you're playing with other EOTE investigators, having high stats means you have low stats in something else. Specifically with this card, Daniela can commit it to Monterey Jack's skill test, granting him 6 for a tough treachery. Jack could do the reverse with Survey the Area, allowing Daniela to try to pass a crucial test, again at a modified value of 6.

Because these skills only modify two skills, they also draw comparisons to Curiosity, Able Bodied, Steadfast, and Cunning. The classes and skills don't exactly match up to this cycle, but the main draw with those is that they are at 0 XP. This cycle needs to work at 1 XP because of the unusual deck-building requirements of the EOTE investigators. For other investigators, whether or not they want them is a case-by-case analysis. They're worth a look because you'd be paying 1 XP to put in a Level 0 card anyways if you really needed the skill boost. But most other investigators are not regularly testing two stats, nor do they need to boost them quite so high. 1 XP cards are tricky because the deck slot itself is extremely valuable, and you'd rather fill it with something that helps you do more than pass a single test. Plus, for another XP, you can test your class's main stat with the Overpower (2) cycle, and draw cards to boot.

I've written this review for Dauntless Spirit specifically because it boosts , which is always useful. It's Innate and a card, so it's easy to pick back up again. Many investigators should take a look, but I think Silas Marsh will make the most use out of it, giving him 6 for a treachery to avoid horror, but note that he can't pick it up with his effect.

dscarpac · 98
Commit resourceful to get it back with Silas. — MrGoldbee · 1361
Played it in a Minh deck with Strange solution: Acidic ichor and later added the pair of Brute forces. She was quite the fighter by the end of the campaign. Very fun deck to play! — Skrattmas · 8