Coste: 3. PX: 3.

Buscador Rebelde Superviviente

Usos (2 recursos). Repón estos recursos al comienzo de cada ronda.

Los recursos que haya sobre Manitas se pueden gastar para pagar cartas Inspiración, Herramienta, o Truco.

Durante una prueba de habilidad de una carta Inspiración, Herramienta, o Truco, gasta 1 recurso de Manitas: Recibes +1 a tu valor de habilidad para esta prueba.

Los confines de la Tierra Expansión de investigadores #123.


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I like Crafty for its potential to boost investigation through Tools.

In particular, it could go a long way in a solo Daniela deck. Combined with Flashlight or Old Keyring, it allows her to investigate at the equivalent of 5 once per turn, while also paying for those Tools, her wrench, Scene of the Crime, maybe Evidence! and a spare Trick. Granny Orne (3) can push that to ~7 and add some consistency in case Crafty isn't drawn.

housh · 158

This is a great supplement to Chuck Fergus centered decks. Helps you play that style if both copies of Chuck are in the bottom half of your deck. Let's you choose all three options when both it and Chuck are in play. It makes investigating with flashlights and lockpicks a breeze. Maybe those monster successes let you use upgraded cig case to find you Chuck.

3rdEyeGuy · 3