Coste: 2. PX: 2.


Investigar. Suma tu valor de a tu valor de habilidad para esta investigación. Si tienes éxito por 1 o más, puedes evitar automáticamente a un Enemigo que esté en tu Lugar. Si tienes éxito por 3 o más, devuelve el Allanamiento a tu mano al final de tu turno. Esta acción no provoca ataques de oportunidad.

Con un poco de cuidado, no dejas ni rastro.
Lake Hurwitz
Las llaves escarlata Expansión de investigadores #74.


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One of the upgrades I've been hoping for the most (bare with me Read the Signs and Spectral Razor, I'm sure you're next).

I was sure they would make it 3xp or something, but no, they followed the Cheap Shot and Slip Away template, and it is fantastic!

It doesn't read that good, so why would it be such a relief to have it, and why did they wait so long?

  • First of all, one of the main frustration for a taking the main cluever role is the fact that Lockpicks exhaust. If you have only 1 in hand, that means that you can effectively only get 1 clue per turn. How inefficient is that to progress the game?! Well, you can now officially call yourself the main clue-getter as you now have another way to get more clues at your location during your turn, even if there are no enemies.

  • Crafty and Chuck Fergus basically make this card free once per turn, making it a slotless Lockpicks (0).

Some good synergies:

With all this being said, it sounds good, but not great yet. Well, what makes the difference to me is that, before Hidden Pocket at least, Hand Slots were incredibly competitive. Being able to investigate twice a turn without using a Hand Slot opens up for some real flex options like having the Beretta M1918 in your hands. Pack some boosts and Sharpshooter and you're ready for any situation! On another hand, were amazing at collecting actions (Leo De Luca, Haste, Ace in the Hole, Borrowed Time, Quick Thinking, The Black Fan, yadi, yada), but no way to actually investigate the crap out of the game with them. No more!

When it comes to Why now?, I believe that it is because we now have the Thieves' Kit as a way to investigate with our without exhaust, making less reliant on the Lockpicks and opening space to use something else instead of them.

Who would benefit from this card?

  • My first thought is, of course, Trish Scarborough as it makes her discover 2 clues if an enemy is there (thanks Gené Beauregard for teleporting one). With her stats, she tests with 8 skill values which still requires a bit of support to make sure that you don't lose it too soon.

  • Winifred Habbamock overcommits, so the succeed by X requirement isn't much of an issue, and testing also with 8 base value makes it an auto-include in her, in my opinion. This opens the door to a real flex Wini with weapons in hands and Breaking and Entering/Pilfer to investigate.

  • Rita Young finally has a reliable way to do some clue support while leaving the rest of her deck free for enemy management.

  • A tool-oriented Bob Jenkins deck could like it to take advantage of Crafty and use his good stats. With The Black Fan, for instance, you're testing at 9 skill value.

  • Finn Edwards will love a side alternative to the Lockpicks to get more clues each round.

  • Kymani Jones will most likely try to maximise their or value for their own ability, making them a potential great user of this card. As they will veeery likely take Crafty anyways, it would be a shame not to look at Breaking and Entering (2)/Cheap Shot (2).

  • Monterey Jack! No wait...

Valentin1331 · 60985
Maybe I'm wrong, but this lets you evade an enemy at your location, right? So you don't have to be engaged with it. No need for Gené Beauregard — RFreitas · 5
Sorry, I hit enter before finishing to write... But no need for Gené to engage the enemy for you so you don't waste the free evade. — RFreitas · 5