Coste: 0.


Rápido. Juega esta carta cuando fueses a tener éxito en una prueba de habilidad.

Recibes +2 a tu valor de habilidad durante esta prueba.

"McGlen, ¿estás intentando matarnos?"
"Esta vez no, amigo. Esta vez no."
Darek Zabrocki
Winifred Habbamock #13.
Maniobra osada


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Maybe I'm missing something but this is pretty terrible card. Just take unexpected courage which always gives you +2 so you can at least succeed instead of failing. And if you happen to pass, you get +2 anyways.

The only benefit of daring maneuver is like Lucky!, you can play it after the fact to get guaranteed value. Unexpected courage gets wasted if you draw the auto fail token or you fail because your skill even with unexpected courage was just too low (should be somewhat rare).

fates · 49
Compared to "Daring Maneuver", "Unexpected Courage" gets also often "wasted", if you draw a -1 or other good token, you would not commit it too, if you would have known it in advance. It depends on the test and the over success effects you want to trigger. If it is just, that you don't want to break a lockpick and trigger LCC (0), you likely have wasted the card. Also, if with the modifier, you would have already maxed out on the damage, you could have done with your Sawed-Off Shotgun. Like you said, it's a "Lucky!" for Over-succeeding, and hence serves a different purpose in a deck, that would want to take it. Not that I'm saying, every Rogue deck should take it, even though in Survivor you most likely will take "Lucky!".. — Susumu · 351
This card has to be considered in its pool of cards. One of the main archetype of Rogues is the « succeed by » clause. You can now commit opportunist 2 on every test since you have a security net. Same for the upgraded pilfer, backstab, Lockpicks 0 and almost every weapons. I am not saying it’s an auto include but definitely a good addition to many decks to mitigate the risk/improve consistency — Valentin1331 · 60985
I like it in combination with shotguns since it allows you to scale the damage up if needed. — LaRoix · 1634

Oh, hey look: it's a quote from Michael McGlen! Guy still hasn't shown up on in the the LCG as for 2023: crossing my fingers he, Kate, Agatha, George, Hank and Wilson will show up in the upcoming expansions!

Oh yeah, I need to review the card?

I disagree with the sentiment that Daring Maneuver is just a worse Unexpected Courage: this card is not meant to help you win, this card is meant to help you cashout with Rogue cards that care by how much you win: even at level 0, many do come in mind (Breaking and Entering, Cheap Shot, Slip Away, Lucky Cigarette Case, Switchblade. Quick Thinking, Opportunist .41 Derringer, Mauser C96, etc.). There are also many cards of other classes, level 0 or above, that also care by how much you win (All basic leveled up non-Unexpected Courage skill cards including the rogue one, both Scavenging, both Alchemical Transmutation, level 2 Deduction, etc.).

I think this makes it superior to unexpected courage in some situation if you can at least gurantee in some other ways you can succeed in the first place, because commiting unexpected courage may not be enough to win by the amount you need to get the extra effects, and you cannot know when you commit a card by how much you would succeed (not counting shenanigans with Premonition or Scrying Mirror). Daring Maneuver will never be wasted because it is played after the skill test succeeds: if you won't succeed by enough to trigger anything you can just choose not to play it!

At the end of the day, whether you will add this card to your deck or not depends on how many cards that care by how much you succeed by you have in your deck, but do keep in mind that succeeding by two is enough to benefit from basically all effects of level 0 cards that trigger on over-succeeding (with the exception of opportunist, for cards above level 0, you may want to look at Quick Thinking (level 2)), and it costs no resources to play either!

So yes, niche card, but very good for a specific deck archetype.

Good assessment. — Cyke · 1
Good assessment. Found you can get a decent listing of all the cards it combines well with, searching ArkhamDB for the text x:"by 2 or more" gives a list. This won't list some other cards that it can combo with, though. For example, it also makes the old Core big gun, Shotgun, extremely good in a Leo Anderson deck. Not sure if there are any other Investigators with deckbuilding that can take both these cards. Unlike standard committed icons, you can hold this card in reserve until it will make a difference, and provide 2 additional damage (which is essentially more action compression). Would have the same effect with Rogues' Sawed-Off Shotgun too, I suppose, and that's a card combination available to many more Investigators. — Cyke · 1