Innato. Desarrollado.

PX: 2.


Máximo de 1 asignada por prueba de habilidad.

Si esta prueba tiene éxito, roba 1 carta, o bien 2 cartas si tiene éxito por 2 o más.

Demasiado fácil.
Priscilla Kim
Winifred Habbamock #25.
Destreza manual


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Manual Dexterity (2) is definitely a solid upgrade to Manual Dexterity. +1, likely +1 card. Ironically, I think this card is probably least useful in Winifred Habbamock, for the following reasons:

  • She already has built-in card-draw.
  • She already has 5 (6 if you're running Lola Santiago or Delilah O'Rourke).
  • Her ability is easiest to trigger if you prioritize skills (and Rogues have a lot of these).

    • As a side note to this, if you draw a lot of cards you will often have to discard cards during upkeep, particularly if you can't commit all of your cards to any test. This is another reason why I prefer skills in Wini. Extra action generation can also help with that, though.

That being said, I liked it a lot in a very comboey Finn deck that needed many different cards to function properly (Here it is, if you're curious). It was a decent supplement to Pickpocketing (2) to try to dig out all of those combo pieces. I do think that the Level 3 version of Lucky Cigarette Case (which will also come with the Winifred Habbamock starter deck) will probably go a long way toward helping Rogues put together elaborate combos, though.

The one place where I did like it in Wini, was when taking Versatile. It's definitely a solid deck-thinner. Other options include Daredevil, though it's a little risky, and All In, which is a 5xp card, but incredibly powerful. You might want to take All In anyway though, as it's worth , can't draw your weaknesses, and can refill your hand even if you're committing your entire hand to a single test.

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