Trust Fund Jenny (Big Money!)

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GermaineFrame · 11

A big money Jenny deck using some of the newest cards made for Preston. The plan is to take this through The Circle Undone but I've been testing it first.

So far, I've ended each scenario I've tested it on with over 10 resources. With Lone Wolf and Dario El-Amin out, Jenny can earn 5 resources per turn. Talk about keeping up with the Fairmonts.

If you can wait, the Jenny's Twin .45s can have 10 or more ammo, making Jenny a decent fighter.

The first upgrades should be Streetwise, Lola Santiago, and High Roller to further put all of that money to good use.

The first scenario will be a bit slow as Jenny is just average at everything. But with a few key upgrades, she'll be a boss.


Lockpicks to replace Flashlight

High Roller can replace Guts (or skill of your choice)

Lola Santiago to replace Perception. Get Charisma early and you can combo Dario El-Amin and Lola Santiago off each other, using Dario money to pay Lola to find clues for you.

Switchblade(2) if you are fighting a lot

Elusive can replace a pair of skill of your choice. Keep in mind that it will cost XP with the Taboo rules

Charon's Obol depends on your risk aversion.