Roland - Turn 2 Cores into a 5 Character Pickup & Play Set

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Roland (2 Core, 5 Char, pick up and play - See note) 55 38 3 1.0
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Core Set Roland 1 1 0 1.0
Roland - Mazo de Igor 0 0 1 1.0
Roland - NotZ Ivan 0 0 0 1.0
Roland (2) 0 0 0 1.0
Roland - 5 Character Core Pickup Set 1 0 0 1.0

StartWithTheName · 65402



This is one of five decks designed to create as close possible to a pick up and play version of the base game from 2 core sets. The intention is that with all 5 constructed, up to 4 players can simply select the character of their choice needing only to transfer the following 6 cards from whichever char is not in play to any deck missing them:

All other cards have been distributed among the five chars in such a way as to make legal decks which are functional, reasonably thematic, and each offer a different play style. Basically a rationalisation of the starter decks from the manual. Obviously this has required the odd compromise, so please do not expect these to be super strong decks or all choices to be perfectly thematic but ive done what I can.

The other decks can be found here:

These replace a previous set of decks based on the same concept that I wrote when the game was new and I had much less experience. The "playing as Roland" section is written to be a short summary to present to new players should you need it.



This federal agent is diligent, combat trained and neurotic to the bone. While he has some talents at sleuthing, his preferred approach to clue gathering involves kicking down doors and interrogating cultists. With access to a wide range of weapons, including his very own 38 special, and a high base he can pack a decent punch. But Roland thrives best where clues are to be found. With numerous cards feeding him them automatically and the ability to hoover them up as he fights, he can often get away with ignoring shroud or location restrictions. However behind that tough veneer lie Roland`s true motives. Protecting the public today is one thing, but some truths are so terrifying that preventing panic may require a Cover Up...

  • Deck Complexity:.......Low

  • Clue Gathering:..........Moderate

  • Damage Dealing:........Excellent

  • Evasion:.......................Poor

  • Physical Defenses:.....High

  • Horror Defenses:.......Weak

Muligan targets: 1 weapon (not Knife) and a Beat Cop if possible.


Money is going to be tight, prioritise combat first. First and foremost you are the teams damage dealer. Combat tools are expensive and Roland`s ability will enable you to get clues anyway. Avoid spending resources on investigation tools until you at least a weapon and ideally an ally down.

Evidence! and Working a Hunch both have pips. With your base 3 this should be enough to get you a clue if you commit them to a test without needing to pay resources to play them on all but the toughest location.

You are a damage dealer, not a tank. Your low sanity and moderate leave you vulnerable to horror, particularly from encounter card checks. Save your Guts and Unexpected Courage to protect you here, use First Aid on horror rather than damage, and dont be afraid to lose allies to horror shocks. Better them than you!

Other people are allowed to activate the on Cover Up. ie they can clear it for you. You can help with any weakness or encounter cards with in another characters play area if they are at your location, you just cant use their good stuff like items unless it says otherwise. Dont worry about why for now. It is in the rules. Its just not always obvious when you first start out.




  • Beat Cop Beat Cop (2) - Being able to keep that +1 in play and use the bonus automatic damage is a big deal in Roland.


  • Police Badge (2) - Did you just see Daisy taking an Encyclopedia? How does a 5 action turn look all of a sudden? Just be aware of its price and that Skids may have nicked it from your pocket...
  • Elder Sign Amulet (3) - Its expensive but it sures up that sanity deficit potentially making tough enough to tank at last.
  • Extra Ammunition (1) - Essential if you want to take the Shotgun route, but even if not you do already have 3 guns in that deck (including Your very own .45 Special).
  • Shotgun (4) - I mean, it is a big gun... And it rarely misses. Notice how Vicious Blow potentially adds 2 damage, one from the pip. Non insignificant drawbacks include needing 2 hand slots and a small Ammunition pool *cough. Its not easy to use, but lets face it thats not why you took it. Did I mention its a big gun?



  • 2x Knife - you have many better weapons
  • 1x Physical Training - It can be a little expensive to use
  • 2x Flashlight - You have other ways (and people) to gather clues. While it works, this can be expensive and your handslots are often busy.
  • 1x Manual Dexterity



If no one took skids, feel free to swap in some of the following:



If no one took Daisy, feel free to swap in some of the following:


Aug 23, 2018 toothball · 70

Nice work on these decks! I'll be updating my Pickup & Play set with these soon!

Aug 24, 2018 Huitzil · 1

Really good idea, and nice work!

Aug 24, 2018 StartWithTheName · 65402

Thanks you two. Ive wanted to update these for a while. The original set didnt quite have the different playstyle experience that i wanted from the set.

Aug 24, 2018 toothball · 70

I played with the old set a few times. They were good at providing a more tailored experience for each investigator, but with the earlier games I found I was leading play a bit too much with suggestions on how the players might want to use their cards. I started to noticed that players enjoyed their decks more when they realised card combinations for themselves, so I now try to limit my suggestions later on in the game once they've got the hang of the basics.

Having slightly more consistent decks does help a lot explaining what their cards do. Since they have two of most of them, that's about half the rules to explain!

Sep 18, 2018 Antimarkovnikov · 1021

Thank you so much for making these decks! I have two new friends I'm introducing to the game and they don't know much about deckbuilding. So this saves me so much time trying to build decks for them.

Sep 18, 2018 StartWithTheName · 65402

Youre very welcome @Antimarkovnikov. Glad to hear theyre getting some use.

Mar 25, 2019 elcapitanp · 1

I am planning to use these to teach some friends as well, just lettin' you know!

Mar 26, 2019 StartWithTheName · 65402

fantastic - cheers @elcapitanp. Hope it goes well!

Aug 11, 2019 Vortilion · 1

Tried this deck today as a newbie after playing the first two scenarios with the standard 1-core-starterdecks... I must say these 2 core decks are way better! Love it!

Aug 13, 2019 StartWithTheName · 65402

Cheers @Vortilion. Always happy to hear these are getting some use. Watch out for the last sc. its quite the step up in difficulty! wont spoil it!

Aug 23, 2021 Nagate · 1

Great work, thanks a lot!