Fortuna. Inspiración.

Coste: 2. PX: 3.

Rápido. Juega esta carta después de que reveles una ficha de Caos con un modificador negativo.

Cambia el "-" de esa ficha por un "+".

Sara Biddle
Caja básica #56.
Jugar sobre seguro
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Sure Gamble works with special tokens that reference the scenario card ().
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4 credits for 5 credits initial investment. But remember it also costs a click so it only puts you +3 over the regular click for a credit. Basically a must have in any runner deck though- for the sheer tempo build up it gives you; not much else compares.

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My favorite review on this site — Cpt_nice · 67
I have to admit, I was a bit baffled and I couldn't make sense of your review at first. Then I realized... — dr31ns5mf · 1
I feel like I'm missing something... — mrjake1424 · 1

This core-baby needs a review, so here's my 2-cents.

Sure gamble belongs in a small group of elite cards that allow you to mess with the success of a token draw after the fact of drawing it. other members in this group include Lucky!, Counterspell, Wendy Adams, Nautical Prowess and a few others.

The ability to look at a token (mid-test) and just say "No thank you" or "Ah, I'll increase my skill a bit" is tremendous, often the bonus is just a bit extra, 1 or 2 more than otherwise, but the retroactive bonus to turn a lost check into a success is tremendous. More powerful even that the actual bonus is the freedom that having this card grants. if you've ever played with Lucky! then you know what i'm talking about. Risking tests at moderate skill values and not spending resources and cards to max out every test, safe in the knowledge that Lucky! got you covered for the worst tokens you might draw.

Some differences between Sure Gamble and Lucky!:

  • Sure gamble has a swingy bonus, and can cover against even the very largest and worst tokens. (Example: Taking tests at +2, and drawing a -6, you can still play Sure Gamble to succeed on the check while Lucky! wouldn't help at all). It does cost 1 more resource and 3 Xp however.

  • Sure Gamble is in a faction where large success can be turned into extra benefits. Sure Gamble has the compound benefit that you can try tests at +2 and guarantee the overkill benefits (barring ). Don't make the mistake of trying tests at +1 or +0 only to actually draw a benign token!

  • Lucky! does not cost XP and is 1 resource cheaper, for this reason Lucky! is a near-autotake for characters while Sure Gamble is just a powerful but not mandatory upgrade. I do think that any competent should take this at some point before the end of a campaign, especially on harder difficulty, but unless youre Sefina Rousseau you should probably prioritize some useful cards that make the big successes enabled by Sure Gamble worthwhile.
Tsuruki23 · 2233
One thing that's nice about this is that you can do a test at +2 and guarantee that you'll succeed by 2 (barring a tentacle). That way you have a very good chance of getting your — Zinjanthropus · 206
Getting your Quick Thinking + Watch This + Lucky Cigarette Case + whatever other effects off all at once. Especially good if you can manage to still get +2 after Double or Nothing. — Zinjanthropus · 206

A very good defensive card. With this in hand, even Winifred and Finn can pass Rotting Remains and Frozen in Fear and worse, for when "You handle this one!" isn't enough or in solo. It also pulls double duty as upgraded Daring Maneuver, allowing you to under-commit to tests you need to oversuceed by, particularly in Hard and Expert where it's impractical to cover the -6 -7 -8 otherwise.

Strong consideration for when the campaign feature nasty / treacheries that you need to pass. On my TCU solo Winifred run, this was one of the first upgrades to mitigate Bedeviled and Realm of Torment.

suika · 8500