Apoyo. Body

Objeto. Ropa.

Cost: 1.
Test Icons:
Health: 1. Sanity: 1.

Reduce en 2 la dificultad de las pruebas de habilidad que realices durante acciones "Negociar".

No hay nada como la sensación de la seda contra tu piel.
Jeff Lee Johnson
Donde aguarda la perdición #272.
Ropas elegantes
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Any skill tests you perform nested within a parley action have their difficulty reduced by 2, too.
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Okay, the Parley bit is interesting ... but - just how many Parley actions are there in the game so far? Not many, so let's ignore that...

1 cost for 1 health and 1 horror. And it's an Item, so Scavenging might work well with it. Also, it's the first body slot card to offer some level of horror protection, which is interesting too.

On balance, it's probably not as good as Leather Coat, but it's not disappointing for the cost, and I find horror is often more of a problem than health. It's also much cheaper than Bulletproof Vest in terms of XP.

I could imagine using this with a Rex Murphy Scavenging build, or perhaps Jim Culver Scavenging with the right ally cards.

One down-side - this has the creepiest card art in the game. Is that a mannequin? Scary.

AndyB · 375
Is really good for Carnevale of Horrors so far — jd90 · 11
In the first two Dunwich scenarios the parley checks are kind-of important, so I tent to put Fine Clothes into deck with the intent to replace it later. — Magnificate · 723
*Minor spoiler ahead:* In certrain scenario's where you encounter nasty treacheries that make you discard assets in play, this little neutral card i great as asset discard fodder. You're gonna cry when that treachery comes up after you just put your lightning gun as only asset into play — Heyenzzz · 1802
As of the release of Path to Carcossa, 8 of the 15 existing scenarios have a parley action on at least one card, and most of those require skill checks and have big payoffs. — Sechen · 47
Perfect for Eternal Slumber — ifergus · 1
Preston needs this, if only for the theming. — grenadillaGoat · 20
NIGHT OF THE ZEALOT *spoiler Alert* - does it work for those parley tests with the top cultists in Midnight Masks, please? — brennalex · 7