Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(29xp)

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Carolyn Fern - Moneymaking Psychotherapist 33 22 6 1.0
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guybrush · 3

This deck is supposed to be paired with Agnes Baker in a standalone scenario, but you can also take the lvl 0 version and transition into this deck during a campaign.

This is a duo where Agnes deals all the damage and Carolyn gets most of the clues.

You have 4 cards that will give you +1 for investigating. Ideally you want Dr.Milan and/or Fingerprint Kit in your starting hand. First Aid, Liquid Courage, Logical Reasoning and Hypnotic Therapy help to keep Agnes sane, so she can spam her ability to ping enemies for 1 dmg as often as possible.

Emergency Cache(3) on Stick to the Plan can reload your Fingerprint kit, Liquid Courage or Painkillers(Agnes deck), which is amazing.

Liquid Courage is also the reason why I run First Aid(3) over Clarity of Mind(3). The 2 test isn't that meaningful in this setup and both investigators have low health.

The title is a nodge to a more modern type of therapy with a focus on mindfulness and acceptance, rather than fighting bad thoughts(Deny Existence). The goal is fully immerse yourself in the experience which is life/playing arkham.

Link to the Agnes companion deck: