Carolyn Fern - Moneymaking Psychotherapist

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nightfist · 143

Support the team by taking care of sanity while generating money, and pick up a good deal of clues along the way.

Peter Sylvestre and Forbidden Knowledge should be a good combo, providing the resources for high cost plays like Connect the Dots and Dynamite Blast.


Feb 11, 2019 spoth3d · 3

First thing I look for in a Carolyn deck is Dynamite, and you checked that box for me.

However more importantly, you have Persuasion which I never would of normally considered....

And that is thematically BRILLIANT.

I also mechanically like Forbidden Knowledge with Peter, even if I think it is a bit cruel of Carolyn to do that to Peter. I suppose he is a patient of hers/student that she is abusing.

Feb 12, 2019 Éole · 14

Quick questions as I'm myself designing a deck for her at the moment: I'm surprised you're not adding Fearless to you skill cards? Also, have you considered Shrivelling for enemies? The drawback from the harsh tokens seems like it's a boon to Carolyn and you'll have enough Willpower from St. Hubert's Key and 2.0 Peter Sylvestre to use decently. No Shrewd Analysis + Ancient Stone?

Feb 12, 2019 veneretio · 162

I think you want to consider Shrewd Analysis in order to save on turning Ancient Stone into Ancient Stone.

I expect you're going to find both Clarity of Mind and First Aid slow. You can probably justify one of them, but I don't know if I'd run both.

Deduction is a big deal. I think you need to take it. It might be the single most important Seeker card you can take.

As crazy as it sounds, I would strongly consider not running Forbidden Knowledge and possibly not even running Peter Sylvestre. The former only is good if you draw Peter, otherwise, it's pretty weak. Peter is only strong if you care about upgrading him and are playing something like Shrivelling to utilize the extra willpower he offers. It's just food for thought. I expect you won't trust me on this one, I went the same approach as you when I played Carolyn as well. I just found that you very rarely draw both Peter and FK which leads to this weird situation where you either have no money or way too much. Given how expensive the cards in your list are... you need a lot of money and when you don't draw this combo, you're going to be super poor.

With that in mind, Emergency Cache seems like it needs a spot here.

Feb 13, 2019 slothgodfather · 7

Yea I think Veneretio is onto something with likely being poor. There are a lot of expensive things in your deck. I'd personally trade Fine Clothes and a True Grit for 2x Emergency Cache and swap the current Seeker skill cards for Deductions and Fearless.

Veneretio - I don't think the Peter/Forbidden Knowledge combo is necessary for generating resources, they just obvious combo if they are drawn in the proper order. Peter can generate resources on his own from other sources of Horror damage and FK inherently generates resources AND generates horror that needs to be healed to generate more resources. So I think keeping both is great.

Thematically though - these are all some really fun/solid deck choices. gl! Do you happen to have links to the decks you will be pairing with?

Feb 14, 2019 nightfist · 143

First of all, thx for all the comments! The deck was designed to be 50/50 support/investigation, which I is why I lean towards seeker cards in the 15 card window. I also wanted to try out some of the new cards in Circle Undone, so that may explain some of the choices.

@Éole I did consider Fearless but I cut it because I had an overweight of willpower icons. I left out Shrivelling because it's a 4p group, and I'll let the others do the monster killing. In a 1p or 2p campaign I might have included them.

Ancient Stone is an interesting option, mainly because of the action compression. This deck achieves action compression through cards like Fingerprint Kit, Peter Sylvestre and Connect the Dots, but Ancient Stone is certainly also an option. I left out Shrewd Analysis because it would take up one of the precious 15 spots for seeker/mystic cards.

@veneretio I actually think Eureka! and Inquiring Mind are better than Deduction, especially now that we have Fingerprint Kit. That 3 card dig can come in really handy, especially for investigators with good signature cards, and Inquiring Mind is like a better Unexpected Courage for investigators who spend a lot of time around clues.

I'll take my chances with the Forbidden Knowledge/Peter Sylvestre combo :-) Under ideal circumstances it will yield me 16 resources and all I need to do is spend actions on playing the cards. With her high sanity Forbidden Knowledge even without Sylvestre is pretty useful. And Peter is Peter. And I have the Eureka!s to help me get the combo together.

The deck does have a fairly high cost curve, but keep in mind that Connect the Dots is useful just for the icons, which is part of the reason I included them.

@slothgodfather I only have a link to one of the other team members, Joe Diamond:

Feb 21, 2019 PureFlight · 495

I feel like boosting with Keen Eye to Persuade and enemy and then investigate twice would be devilishly satisfying.