Coste: 4.


Investigar. Esta investigación usa en lugar de . Si tienes éxito, descubre 2 pistas adicionales en tu Lugar.

Adam Schumpert
Winifred Habbamock #15.


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No reviews yet, for this shiny new Wini card? Let me add my thoughts!

Mechcanically, this card is straightforward. Spend one action, 4 resources, and use your agility to look for 3 clues instead of the usual 1. Keep in mind, it's not to be overlooked that this has the Trick attribute, so Rita Young can grab it despite it being a card rather than . Another high-ish agility survivor would be Wendy Adams, who could choose to take this as well.

Inside the Rogue pool, there any many who could take this, and of course it fits nicely with our intended aviatrix, Winifred Habbamock, as she has a base 5 agility.

As far as click compression goes, this card feels in line with the usual suspects like "Look what I found!" (here you get more clues, for arguably the same number of actions), Deduction (quite a bit more cost here, but we're not in the class so things can't be that easy to get extra clues), or Scene of the Crime (again, higher cost and an investigate action instead of a freebie, but a chance at getting 1-2 more clues).

The hard pill to swallow here might be the cost of 4 just to take an Investigate action, which may auto-fail on you. If you're playing games with low player counts, you also might not have a need for 3 clues from one location, which makes this card situational and less valuable. However, if you're like me, and play in many 2-4 player games, this card feels like a solid fit for your high-agility characters, especially if you can synergize with it.

In a four-player game, it's not unlikely for a location to have 8 clues on it, so why not Double or Nothing when you've already placed The Skeleton Key. In that case, you are attaching the key for 1 action and playing this event for 1 action, plus the 7 resources to get both out. That's hefty. But with double or nothing, you're now nearly guaranteed to get 6 clues off the location, which feels like a win. Maybe you even use Gregory Gry to get you some resources back at the same time? Then let's say you only spent 5 resources because you used Sleight of Hand to get the key out? Now we're talking.

Is it a perfect card? No, and I wouldn't throw it in a solo deck most of the time. But in multiplayer, particular with 3-4 players, I think it helps if you're building a flexible rogue who can help grab clues for the team.

Giffdev · 84
It's really good in Rita, though 4-cost is pretty hefty for her if you don't take Drawing Thin. At least she can also take Easy Mark. — Zinjanthropus · 225
And now Sneak By — StyxTBeuford · 12942

This is a card (and its upgrade Pilfer) that truly make sense in a high agility Rogue deck that also uses Chuck Fergus. Being able to make it fast + 2 makes this event pretty phenomenal to clean locations in a 3 person team.

The upgrade in a Winifred Habbamock deck will also often come back to your hand making you clean locations one after the other until you hit an auto-fail.

acken · 56

This card is an obvious combo with anyone who can take Chuck the O’Bannion. But it’s come into vogue for an investigator who takes more Tricks than gin rummy.

Pilfer isn’t just “get clues with agility”, it’s “get a lot clues with agility.” And while Rita could take it before, she didn’t have the economy to make it happen…until Crafty came along. With Crafty, and some combination of drawing thin, easy mark, or even another Crafty, you can play this* every turn. The flexibility of going from boss evader and map explorer to second seeker is wild.

Things like live and learn, “hit me!”, heavy furs and lucky(3) can make sure you meet the success by +2 threshold. Survivor blessed tech will also help a lot. It's a new day for multiplayer Rita. A day filled with pilfering.

*Level 3

MrGoldbee · 1413
How does Rita get it back once she's used it? — OrionJA · 1
He's talking about the level 3 version that goes back to hand if you succeed by 2 or more — nungunungu · 4